Where do Cougs stand with 4-star Alston?

WIDE RECEIVER prospect Lavan Alston out of Ventura, Calif., says he knows when he's going to announce. The four-star recruit also says he enjoyed meeting Mike Leach and the Washington State coaches during his official visit this past weekend, and his parents enjoyed the WSU in-home visit earlier this week. With multiple other schools charging at him, where do the Cougs stand?

CF.C: Besides Washington State, what other schools are you seriously considering?
Lavan Alston (6-0, 175): "Nebraska, of course, Washington State, Cal, Arizona State, those are my top schools."

CF.C: What makes Nebraska attractive to you?
Alston: "They have Coach Mike Riley over there, who recruited me from Oregon State to Nebraska. He's a great coach, great experience, bigger program, bigger fan base, better caliber players than Oregon State. Also he's bringing a receivers coach that's pretty good as well, that has a good resume. They just brought him in, Coach Keith Williams. Their offensive coordinator (Danny Langsdorf) is from the New York Giants, and coached Eli Manning so there's a lot of offensive talent on that side."

CF.C: What's your timeline for a decision?
Alston: "I'm going to commit on Signing Day."

CF.C: How was your visit to Washington State last weekend?
Alston: "It went really well. I enjoyed it a lot. I got the chance to finally meet Coach Leach and inside receivers coach David Yost. All I knew was outside receivers coach Dennis Simmons (Alston's area recruiter)."

CF.C: What were your impressions after meeting the WSU coaches face to face?
Alston: "I think they've got a lot of experience as coaches. They're going to do well offensively over there. Overall, I think they're smart coaches."

CF.C: What was your favorite part of the visit?
Alston: "Probably the environment. Everybody I met over there was really cool, so that was probably the best part of the visit."

CF.C: What did that visit do for your interest in Washington State?
Alston: "It raised it from what I had before because initially, I didn't visit Washington State. So overall, it was a good visit. It raised the interest."

CF.C: How was the in-home visit you had with the Washington State coaches that you had on Tuesday?
Alston: "It was cool, they met my parents and got a chance to meet my mom and dad to sit down and talk some football. They're looking forward to continuing this recruiting process with me and getting to know my parents a little better."

CF.C: What did your parents think of the coaching staff?
Alston: "They liked them. My dad already did previous research on Coach Leach and knows that he's had great teams at Texas Tech and he's a great football coach."

CF.C: What was the main topic that you guys talked about during your in-home visit?
Alston: "We talked about playing, the ability to play early, because they're losing some receivers. How they throw the ball and giving me the opportunity to showcase my talents to some NFL coaches. So they're telling me I might have a big stage to display my talents and they're going to give me the ball."

CF.C: How did the visit to Washington State compare to other visits you've taken to other schools?
Alston: "On my other visits, I had fun as well. I think at Washington State, I got to meet the players and stuff a little bit better and I got to know them a little better because it's so open. That team is a family environment. I got a chance to really bond with the players a little more. That's about the only thing about Washington State that was different than my other officials."

CF.C: Which players did you find that you were bonding with the most?
Alston: "Some of the defensive players, like Darius Lemora. Some of the receivers, like Gabe Marks and Isiah Myers and all them. I got to meet a lot of kids. I can't remember all the names, but there are some cool guys."

CF.C: What did you think of the facilities at Washington State?
Alston: "I like them a lot."

CF.C: When is your visit to Nebraska?
Alston: "Next week."

CF.C: Which school overall has pursued you the hardest?
Alston: "Probably Washington State, Oregon State, ASU, and Cal. They pursued me the hardest.

CF.C: Has Nebraska pursued you hard?
Alston: "Not Nebraska, not until Coach Riley got there. Then they pursued me."

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