'Sweet' reunion for future Cougar WR

THREE-STAR FUTURE COUG wideout Kyle Sweet out of Santa Margarita High could not be happier with his situation. During his visit to Washington State this weekend, Sweet was hosted by his former prep teammate, WSU junior-to-be River Cracraft, who he said was integral in getting him to Wazzu.

CF.C: What did you think of your visit to Washington State?
Kyle Sweet (6-1, 175): "I love it here. I can't even put it into words what it was like. The whole experience was so cool. I just really like the city."

CF.C: What was the No. 1 thing that stood out to you on your visit?
Sweet: "The facilities are just incredible. They might be the best in the Pac-12. Or just the stadium. I love how the stadium looked, and the fact that (everyone is) just right on top of the field, it can get so loud in there. I think those were the two things that really stood out to me." CF.C: How did this visit compare to other visits you've taken?
Sweet: "I've been to Utah before, and I've also been to UCLA. Other than that, they're all good schools, but I think Washington State is just the kind of feel and the atmosphere that I would really prefer."

CF.C: How close are you with your area recruiter, WSU running backs coach Jim Mastro?
Sweet: "He has been a huge help to not just me, but my brother, too. My brother goes to UCLA and he used to work at UCLA. He was a big reason for getting my brother in there. Ever since that, we've had a close relationship."

CF.C: Which coach would you say you've been in the most contact with?
Sweet: "Coach Yost, the receiver coach, definitely. I talk to him about three or four days a week."

CF.C: What do you guys talk about?
Sweet: "We talk about whatever there is to talk about. It's like just talking with one of the guys. We just talk about whatever comes to our mind usually. Most of it is about football."

CF.C: Have the coaches talked at all about you playing early or redshirting at Washington State?
Sweet: "They haven't really said, 'Look, you're going to play right away.' They've said it as, 'If you come in and work hard and know your stuff, then you'll have a chance to play.' I think that's awesome, just being given an opportunity to play."

CF.C: How did things go with the Cougar players this weekend?
Sweet: "River Cracraft was my host, and I've known River for a long time, since I've been a kid. We went to the same high school, and I've actually played with him, and a few of the guys who are up here. Just hanging out with them was so cool. I get the best of both worlds because I get to live in Washington obviously, and go to Washington State, but then I have some buddies that I grew up with from home, so it's really the best of both worlds."

CF.C: How has River helped you in this recruiting process?
Sweet: "He might have been the person who helped me most in this whole process. He said he always was in coaches' ears and just saying they've got to check out Kyle Sweet. Anything just like that, he's been there throughout this whole process."

CF.C: Which school recruited you the hardest?
Sweet: "Coming out of high school, I wouldn't say there was one school that recruited me hard. I had a little bit of interest from some schools, and they would always mention that they could offer in whatever situation they had, but Washington State was definitely up there. I probably talked to them, close to the most if not the most, before they offered."

CF.C: Are you going to have any in-home visits between now and Signing Day?
Sweet: "I had one last week with a couple of the coaches, the receiver coach David Yost and a few others. I think they might come down one more time with Coach Leach."

CF.C: What did you think of that in-home visit, and what did you guys talk about?
Sweet: "Me and some of the coaches have built pretty good relationships, and I've known one of them, Coach Jim Mastro, for a long time. It's really like just talking to some of the guys, just some of my friends. I don't really think of them as coaches, but as older friends."

CF.C: Is there any chance that you would flip anywhere else, and are you planning on taking any other visits between now and Signing Day?
Sweet: "No, definitely not. I'm very content with my situation right now."

CF.C: Have any other schools tried to come on late and sway you away from Washington State?
Sweet: "No, not that I am aware of, but again, I am very happy with my situation."

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