Is Coug OL verbal still solid with WSU?

AMIDST THE CRAZINESS of the rush before Signing Day, three-star offensive tackle and Cougar verbal Davis Perrott quietly took an official visit to Purdue this past weekend. Where do things stand for the Phoenix product - is he done with recruiting or are there still some potential developments to come?

CF.C: How did your recent visit to Purdue affect your verbal commitment to Washington State?
Davis Perrott (6-5, 270): "I'm pretty solid with Washington State. I would say that's the school I'm most comfortable with. I'd say I'm considering all options a little bit at this point, but I'd say I'm real solid to Washington State."

CF.C: Are you going to be taking any other visits before now and Signing Day?

: "No, that was actually my fifth visit, so I can't take any more."

CF.C: How have the other visits you've taken compared to the one you took to Washington State?
Perrott: "I felt most comfortable with the coaches there, and the set-up as far as the facilities, so that really solidified things for me up there."

CF.C: What is the No. 1 thing that you're looking for in a school?
Perrott: "I wouldn't really say I have a No. 1 thing. It's just a lot of little things. I'm just looking for a place that has everything I need to be successful in all types of ways."

CF.C: Is there one thing that would result in you choosing another school over Washington State?
Perrott: "If it was just a better opportunity for me, but right now, I'm feeling pretty comfortable with Washington State and the opportunity up there."

CF.C: You're feeling comfortable with Washington State, but what are the other options that you are considering?
Perrott: "I wouldn't really say I'm seriously considering anywhere else. I have some schools that are in the back of my mind that I'm still talking to. But I've been talking to Washington State a lot and I feel really good about this recruiting class and the things to come in the future."

CF.C: Is Purdue one of those schools?
Perrott: "Yeah, I'm talking to them a little bit, Boise State a little bit, and besides that, I've cut it all off as far as anywhere else."

CF.C: What do you like Purdue and Boise State that's keeping them in the back of your mind?
Perrott: "They both have a great coaching staff and have recruited me pretty hard."

CF.C: What is it about WSU's coaching staff?
Perrott: "They have been pretty honest during the process and recruited pretty hard."

CF.C: Any other in-home visits?
Perrott: "Right now, I think there are going to be a couple with a couple of different schools. I couldn't give you the exact day or whatever. I think I've used all my allotted (in-home) visits with Washington State, so last time would be the last time I'm talking to them."

CF.C: When was your last in-home visit with Washington State?
Perrott: "Coach McGuire came out on Sunday night, and then he and Coach Mike Leach were out the prior Sunday."

CF.C: What did you think of those WSU in-home visits and what did you talk about?
Perrott: "It went great. We talked about all types of things. Future plans for the program, how they see me fitting in. It went great."

CF.C: What are those "couple other schools" that you're maybe expecting to come in?
Perrott: "Probably Purdue and Boise State.

CF.C: Which coach have you been predominantly talking to from Washington State?
Perrott: "Definitely McGuire, the offensive line coach.

CF.C: When you were on your visit to Washington State, what impressed you the most?
Perrott: "I would say, first off, probably the facilities. Besides that, Washington State is a very unique setting as far as being a true college town. I was really impressed by the fans and the coaches and the atmosphere there."

CF.C: Have you talked with WSU about the prospects for early playing time?
Perrott: "I think their preference with offensive linemen is to redshirt them. This is actually my first year on the offensive line, my senior year. I would anticipate redshirting just to learn the system."

CF.C: What position did you play before your senior year?
Perrott: "I played on the defensive line my junior year, and made the switch during spring. I just thought I had more potential at that position, and could help the team more there."

CF.C: Where are they recruiting you to play on the offensive line?
Perrott: "They've mentioned left tackle the most, so I assume one of the tackle positions would be where I fit in best."

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