In-state kicker recaps WSU official visit

For Glacier Peak High kicker Spencer Pettit, all that's left is a decision. That decision is narrowed down to Washington State and Nevada for the 5-9, 155-pounder, who holds preferred walk-on invites from both schools. Pettit told CF.C said he'll take a couple of days to think before pulling the trigger, but his official visit to the Palouse certainly gave him plenty to think about.

CF.C: How was your visit to WSU this weekend?
Pettit: "The visit was great, seeing all the new facilities, talking to academic advisers and all the coaches. It went really well."

CF.C: What was your favorite part?
Pettit: "My favorite part was that it was really cool to meet Coach Leach and see all the coaches there and what they were about. Just meeting the coaching staff."

CF.C: What did you like particularly about Coach Leach?
Pettit: "How honest he is about the situation (at WSU) and he's an easy guy to talk to."

CF.C: During the recruiting process with WSU, which coach were you in the most contact with?
Pettit: "Coach Eric Mele. He became the special teams coordinator during the season, and that's when it picked up with my recruitment to Washington State. He offered me (a preferred walk-on spot) and to come out on a visit."

CF.C: What do you think of Coach Mele?
Pettit: "Coach Mele's a great guy. You can just sit down and talk to him about anything. He's great, a really good coach and he takes care of his guys."

CF.C: Where are they recruiting you to play?
Pettit: "They want me to placekick for them. I would be a backup punter, but mainly it's for kicking."

CF.C: When will you make your decision?
Pettit: "I'm giving it a couple of days to make a decision, just to give myself some time to think about it after this visit."

CF.C: What other schools are you seriously considering besides WSU?
Pettit: "Mostly it's just Washington State and Nevada."

CF.C: What do you like about Nevada?
Pettit: "Nevada is just a really cool place, cool environment. Reno is a good place to be, and the coaches are amazing. It's going to be a tough choice."

CF.C: When did you take your visit there?
Pettit: "I took one last weekend."

CF.C: How did the visit to WSU compare to the one you took to Nevada?
Pettit: "I think they're pretty comparable. They've got different things that make them great. Pullman is a great place to be for a college town and Reno is a really cool town to be in also. They really love the team there (in Reno). Both are great coaching staffs obviously. They're pretty close to each other right now."

CF.C: If you had to narrow it down to one particular thing you're looking for in a school that would tip you one way or the other, what would that one thing be?
Pettit: "Football-wise, it would just be my opportunity to play and when I would play. School-wise, I just like a school of tradition and good campus life."

CF.C: What did you think of the campus life at WSU?
Pettit: "It's really cool. Everyone here is a Coug fan. It's all involved. Everything that happens here is happening at Washington State, and that's what's really awesome. They don't miss anything here."

CF.C: How much indication has WSU given you that you will have the opportunity to play early?
Pettit: "They've really talked well of me coming in and playing pretty early, so I have high hopes for that if this is where I end up. From them, I get the sense I would be playing pretty early on kickoffs and field goals."

CF.C: What did you think of the facilities at WSU?
Pettit: "Those new facilities are second to none. It's incredible what they've done here. They showed us all pictures and it's not even comparable. They've made tremendous things happen here and the new facilities are just awesome."

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