NEWSLINE: A great Q&A between two ol' Cougs

FORMER COUGAR TIGHT END Tony Thompson recently interviewed a former teammate of his and fellow Coug tight end - the New Orleans Saints' Jed Collins. It's a really interesting read and covers a wide range of topics. Among them, Steve Gleason.

"You know him as well as I do...he's a different breed. He's a light. He's a man's man," says Collins of Gleason in the Q&A posted on Thompson's blog.

There's also this exchange:
AM: Who would win in a fight: Ndamukong Suh or The Incredible Hulk?

JC: Suh. Because the Hulk has to go back to being a normal man. I don't believe Suh has a normal man within him. He's just always an angry monster.

For the complete Q&A, CLICK HERE.

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