Mike Leach has plenty to say after Day 1

PULLMAN -- Thursday was the kickoff for Washington State spring practice, and Mike Leach had plenty of thoughts on things ranging from the defense, what he saw from the quarterbacks, progress of the team during the offseason, recruiting with the use of the new football ops building and more. On with thoughts from the Cougar boss:

Question: How did new DC Alex Grinch and the defense perform today?

Leach: “They did a good job. A lot of enthusiasm, guys flying around. A lot of people I thought did a lot of good things.”

Q: What did you see out of the quarterbacks?

Leach: “I thought they were good. We didn’t run too many plays and I thought they were pretty effective. Most stuff was vertical stems, which gets predictable after a while, but still I thought we executed good and some (their success) was from the receivers too.”

Q: Impressed more with defense or offense?

Leach: “I thought it was pretty even, I thought it was pretty close which that’s kind of what you want, all the periods to be contested and stuff like that even the scores we kept…was close.”

Q: How’s the team’s experience heading into this spring?

Leach: “We’re more experienced…you got most people back and of course the offseason went good because we had the opportunity to work out there (football operations building) where you have all kinds of space and can maximize your effort.”

Q: Since the football ops building went up, how different is recruiting for you?

Leach: “We’re not quite there yet as far as to tell that difference, we got it in August so we’re still getting out that it’s the best facility in the Pac-12. No question it’s helped (but) we haven’t got the full force of it yet because word’s still getting out and people see it and it becomes common knowledge, you know the commitment quality of our facilities of what they are, you know that’ll improve as time goes on.”

Q: How was the offseason for you guys?

Leach: “We had a real good offseason, I thought we lifted hard and a bunch of young guys emerged, and we’re kind of looking at that and evaluating now. So there always surprises in the spring, but just overall intensity. We got a lot of people, you know kind of the same age that never had a role last year and know they’re are going to have one this year.”

Q: Strengths and weaknesses for Luke and Peyton going into the rest of spring camp right now?

Leach: “I’d say experience is probably the biggest one. Luke does a really good job of commanding the offense, just really knowledge going. He’s a guy that steps up and takes control of things. Peyton’s kind of (has) a really good arm, it comes off his hand really quickly. He’s really explosive when he throws the ball, he’s got good feet and he’s starting to get more and more into a rhythm.”

Q: What receivers are you looking to step up?

Leach: “(Daniel) Lilienthal had a real good offseason and he’s just continued to develop physically. I think he’s kind of a late mature guy and he’s really developed physically….and then Calvin Green, we moved him outside, I thought he looked really good today.

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