Photo Essay: WSU spring ball on the Palouse

PULLMAN – Defensive lineman Destiny Vaeao may have a future in the movies, while wide receiver Gabe Marks is surrounded but couldn’t care less. Here are another dozen shots from the CF.C lens of spring ball at Washington State.

Hercules Mata'afa coming off the edge

Gerard Wicks dished out some punishing runs in Thursday’s practice.

Peyton Bender completed 16 of 20 passes in skelly on Thursday, but two of the incompletions were interceptions.

Gotta love Destiny Vaeao’s facemask. Kinda like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Luke Falk, in the middle of it all.

Calvin Green looking to weave his way downfield

Is he going left, right or straight ahead? Only Keith Harrington knows for sure.

Chandler Leniu checked in this spring at 6-0, 255-pounds.

Cole Madison sets up shop on the right side

Gabe Marks may be surrounded, but he’s also in the end zone.

Darryl Paulo is a handful.

Jacob Seydel is looking to challenge this spring up front on the o-line.

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