WSU Photo Essay: Bull in the ring

PULLMAN – If you’ve ever walked by the end of a typical Mike Leach practice, all the players circle up and there’s a whole lot of yelling going on. That’s because several player duos get matched up and go one on one to see how comes out on top – Leach calls the drill “bull in the ring.” The CF.C lens captured a pair of linemen on Saturday in the ring.

OL Joe Dahl and DL Daniel Ekuale go at it while Mike Leach and others watch and cheer

WR Calvin Green reaches out in the end zone to try and make the one-handed snag

Safety Darius Lemora has been getting a long look in the Cougs’ nickel packages

Wide receiver Daniel Lilienthal garnered some praise this week from Mike Leach

Devonte McClain going through drills

WR Dom Williams: Focused

Falk sets up as RB Gerard Wicks prepares to make his cut

LB Greg Hoyd looks every bit of his 6-1, 221-pounds during drills

Hilinski gets ready to throw it into your living room

BUCK Kache Palacio defending the goal line

RB Jamal Morrow runs to daylight

All eyes were on Bender on this play

Robert Lewis with a burst off the line

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