Q&A: Priester has one hand on the shutter

PULLMAN — Kyrin Priester has made quite the impact during his first spring with the Cougars. The former Clemson wide receiver has been as explosive as any player on the Washington State field this spring and has a knack for making one-handed catches. That leaves a free hand for another favorite of Priester's, photography.

Because he transfered from Clemson to Washington State this year, Priester will have to sit out the 2015 season. That hasn’t stopped him from showcasing his talents this spring. From one-handed catches to burning defensive backs for touchdowns at times this spring, there’s a reason why Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, South Carolina and TCU offered the wideout a scholarship. Priester has been competing primarily with the second team offense, while occasionally mixing in with the first team offense this spring.

Prior to Washington State, the 6-foot-1, 185-pound wide receiver played one game for Clemson on special teams before being dismissed from the program. Priester told CF.C that his departure was due to differences with his position coach. He signed a WSU financial aid agreement in November of 2014, before enrolling in classes for the spring semester. During his senior year at Brookwood High in Georgia, Priester caught 56 passes for 1,116 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Priester has three years to play three seasons at WSU, starting in 2016. To pass the time while redshirting, he plans to catch up on his academics and enjoy hiking around the Palouse with his camera in order to take photos.

The soft-spoken receiver caught up with CF.C after spring practice to answer questions:.

Cougfan.com: How does Pullman compare to Clemson?

Kyrin Priester: Pretty much to me it’s kind of like the same thing, a small town, college town. Everybody in town comes to the games, so pretty much the same thing other than the stadium’s a little bigger at Clemson, but this one (Martin Stadium) is pretty cool too.

CF.C: Outside of football, is there anything you’ve done in Pullman so far you’ve enjoyed?

Priester: I like hiking out here. I mean I didn’t really do a lot of that at Clemson, but I like it out here. It’s kind of distance from everything. You can go hike, meet new people, and it’s just fun out here.

CF.C: How has it been playing in the Air Raid offense?

Priester: This offense is great for any wide receiver, so we come out here, we catch at least 20 balls day each. It’s a lot of competition….you know Gabe (Marks), Dom (Williams), Calvin (Green) we out here competing trying to get the most catches, the most yards a day so when we go in the meeting rooms we can talk about it, and we crack jokes and everything like that. The Air Raid offense is really great for us.

CF.C: What’s it like working with this receiving unit?

Priester: Everybody in the receiver group is cool. It’s always jokes in our meeting room and Barry Ware, he’s a clown, so he always keeps us laughing in there.

CF.C: What it’s like having with former All-American quarterback and former NFL quarterback Graham Harrell as your receivers coach?

Priester: Graham, he’s amazing. He knows a lot, he has a lot of knowledge to the game. He teaches us, he sees things that we don’t see still, so he kind of helps us slow the game down and just helps us out, helps us be better than what we really are.

CF.C: If you and Calvin Green were to square off in a 40-yard dash, who wins?

Priester: [laughs] Ah man, I’m saying me.

CF.C: Who have you enjoyed facing off against in the secondary this spring?

Priester: I like Pat Porter, and Marcellus (Pippins), and Chuck (Charleston White). All of them are great. They all give us good looks and help us out, and they tell us what we’re doing wrong, and we (the receivers) tell them what they’re doing wrong, and we get out here and compete, and that’s what we love to do.

CF.C: Besides Martin Stadium, which other Pac-12 stadium are you looking forward to playing in the most?

Priester: I want to go to Oregon, go down to USC.

CF.C: If you could play any other position on the field, what would it be?

Priester: I think I’m a good running back, or I could play a little safety. I get up in there and run between the tackles, and I’d come down and hit someone, too.

CF.C: Since you will be redshirting this upcoming season, what are you hoping to accomplish off the field before you officially suit up for WSU in 2016?

Priester: I have academic goals. I want to be able to get a 3.0 (GPA) and I just want to do better in the classroom than I’ve been doing, and just learn the game. You know, take it day by day and just learn and do as much as I can to help others out here too.

CF.C: What are you studying at WSU?

Priester: Sports Management right now, and I like taking pictures too. So I want to take a photography class this summer if I can and get into that too.

CF.C: Is photography something you could see yourself pursuing as a career if football doesn’t work out for you?

Priester: Oh yeah, I love taking pictures. So yeah photography is something I love to do.

CF.C: What do you enjoy taking photos of?

Priester: I’ll take pictures of anything. I’ll get on the computer and I just critique it, make it look better. So just different looks. I take pictures of stuff like people don’t really look at, like I’ll take pictures of shoes, just random things.

CF.C: Who’s the best defensive back you’ve faced so far in your football career?

Priester: (Safety) Jayron Kerse at Clemson. They put him down at corner sometimes. Me and him went back and forth. He’s pretty much the best corner I’ve been up against.

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