Leach: Cougs steadily improving

PULLMAN -- Following a soggy Thursday practice in Pullman, Washington State coach Mike Leach weighed in on the emergence of a little-known defensive back, had high praise for third-year running back Jamal Morrow and pinpointed the area of WSU's defense where he's seen the most improvement.

Q: Did that little touchdown in the corner to Robert Lewis, did that remind you of a certain Michael Crabtree once upon a time?

Leach: You know that was kind of unclear there were so many people there we couldn’t see so it was inconclusive and for that we went into overtime, but couldn’t see for sure. But we’ll see on film, but of course the Crimson team felt like they got screwed on that deal and they won anyway, but we’ll find out if they did.

Q. It seems like (defensive back) Brendan Hay had a pretty good spring and then had two interceptions today. Where’d you find him?

Leach: He came to the walk-on tryout, did a good job and played really well today.

Q. Jamal Morrow had a few nice runs during team today, what have you seen out him this spring?

Leach: He’s gotten better, and better, he’s bigger, and faster and also plays smarter, so he’s gotten better too.

Q: It seems like running the ball has been a bigger emphasis this spring than the past. How would you assess the offensive line’s run blocking at this point?

Leach: Improving, steadily improving.

Q: You’re returning some slot receivers, but you also have a few young guys at the position. Can you talk about what you’ve seen out of that group so far?

Leach: I think the first level guys have done really good. The second level guys have steadily improved, you know we got to get better and get more depth there too, and then we got some good ones coming in.

Q: What’s the biggest area of improvement you’ve seen in this defense after one spring under Grinch?

Leach: In particular, running to the ball, everybody’s hustling, everybody’s running to the ball, and if they give up a play, there’s not the drop off. They come back rallying the next play.

Q: Do you think he’s brought more energy to the entire team?

Leach: I think he’s brought more energy to the entire team. I think he also does a really good coaching technique, emphasizing and is more hands on than we’ve been in the past

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