Logjam in D.C. to clear for Connor Halliday?

THE LOGJAM of quarterbacks that Washington State’s Connor Halliday is joining with the Washington Redskins may not be piled up for too long if former Washington star QB Joe Theismann is right. At a recent fundraiser in Annapolis also attended by CouGreat Mark Rypien, Theismann told the Washington Post that he thinks the Redskins will trade Kirk Cousins.

Last season, Cousins became the team’s starter when Robert Griffin III went down with injury. After a spate of interceptions, Cousins was benched at mid -season in favor of former Browns starter Colt McCoy, who also returns to the Redskins in 2015.

“I don’t believe there’s room for three of them,” Theismann told the Post. “I think it’d be a great opportunity for probably Kirk Cousins to go someplace else and get a chance to start and play football.”

Cousins, who enters his fourth NFL season, is widely viewed as having a higher upside than McCoy, who is entering his sixth pro season and is mostly seen as a solid backup but not a full-time starter.

Cousins has one year remaining on his contract and McCoy recently resigned with the team, taking a one-year deal believed to pay a base of $850,000.

Theismann said he thought a deal for Cousins would probably happen during or shortly after the draft. “… there are a number of teams that need quarterbacks and he’s one that can play,” he said.

The Redskins signed Halliday as an undrafted free agent shortly after the NFL draft concluded on Saturday. Since Halliday’s Pro Day workout in Pullman, it had been rumored that Washington was eyeing him – a rumor that took on ballast when the club flew Halliday out to team headquarters for a visit before the draft.

If he makes the team, Halliday will make the NFL rookie miniumum of $435,000.

RGIII looks to be ensconced as the No. 1 QB in Washington. Coach Jay Gruden said in February that Griffin was his 2015 starter and general manager Scot McCloughan last week picked up the fifth-year option – for 2016 -- on Griffin’s contract.

Rypien told the Washington Post that Griffin, mostly injured and inconsistent the last two seasons, “puts way too much pressure on his own shoulders to try and carry this team. He just needs to go out and do the things that he can do ... His health is the biggest factor. I think that will enable him to do the things that we know he can do.”

Rypien, by the way, can still throw the football. The fundraiser he, Theisman and fellow Redskins Super Bowl-winning QB Doug Williams attended in Annapolis -- a flag football game for the Heart Health Foundation -- started slow but then the competitive juices kicked in, Theismann said.

“In the beginning of the game it looks like neither [Williams or Rypien] can throw the ball 25 yards and at the end of the game they’re 40-yard bombs,” Theismann said.

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