NEWSLINE: The most fascinating WSU practice ever

RICK NEUHEISEL IS now at CBS and primarily covering the SEC but his days as a Pac-12 analyst are still fresh in his mind. Neuheisel recently hit the airwaves to talk about the most fascinating practice he ever saw - at Washington State.

On SiriusXM recently, Rick Neuheisel spoke about Mike Leach 's philosophy of practicing the same thing over and over again.

“I went to a practice where they ran one pattern, four verticals, all day long,” Neuheisel said. “They never changed or deviated the pattern, because they wanted the quarterbacks to keep finding and exploring new places to throw the ball, because they’re going to throw this route a ton of times over the course of the year, so learn it. Find ways to find guys open, learning how to read body language and throw people open. It was the most fascinating practice I’ve ever been to.”

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