Ken Wilson and his whirlwind month of recruiting

WASHINGTON STATE linebackers coach Ken Wilson has a lot of energy. The spring evaluation period came to a close Saturday at midnight. After spending untold miles on the recruiting trail in the month of May, he spent Sunday morning biking the Pullman-Moscow trail.

Just how many schools did Wilson hit?

“I couldn’t even tell you," ,” said Wilson. "I was on the road 19 recruiting days (not counting Sundays) and some days you’re going to hit seven schools, sometimes you’re going to hit 10.

"You’re at each school a couple times where there are a lot of recruits, you’re there once looking at transcripts, once watching practice… So you’re movin’. You’re going from 6 a.m. in the morning through to the evening when most of those high schools and JC’s are practicing.”

Wilson said the reception from high school and JC coaches to Washington State was excellent.

“In Southern California where I spend most of my time, it’s the third year that I’ve been in my area so it’s really getting good,” said Wilson. “People know us out there now, they like the brand of football.”

Of the 19 recruiting days, Wilson said he spent 14-15 in his recruiting area with the other 4-5 days in WSU’s total recruiting area looking at linebackers, often with another WSU assistant.

Alex Grinch, Roy Manning, Clay McGuire and I are all down in that area so it’s real easy for us to get in a day in another guy’s area,” said Wilson. “If Alex needs to see DBs it’s easy for him to jump out to me and see 4-5 DBs in an afternoon. In my case I spent a day in the Reno area, and each one of us spent a day in the state of Washington with Eric Mele.

“And I had a day with Clay and that was awesome. It’s always nice to ride around with an offensive guy after you’ve battled each other all spring.”

Now that all the assistant coaches are back in Pullman, they’ll sit down with Mike Leach who by NCAA rule as a head coach is not allowed to go out on the road during the spring evaluation period.

“First of all Monday we have to take the NCAA recruiting test so we can go back on the road in the fall," said Wilson. "Then there’s a debriefing that goes on pretty much all week with the whole staff.

We’re going back over guys we’ve offered and guys we found that we had not offered. So we’ll kind of reconfigure our boards and move that all around. This week and next week we’ll be doing that along with some preliminary scouting of our own season,” said Wilson.

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