McGuire: Can someone call Graham a taxi?

WITH HOW MANY days the Washington State assistant coaches are out on the road during the spring evaluation period, there are bound to be some amusing stories from the recruiting trail. The one that might take the cake this year happened to Graham Harrell. “He’ll probably be ticked I let this one out,” laughed Clay McGuire in a conversation with CF.C.

“I’ve never heard of this actually happening to anyone – but it probably could have happened to me,” said McGuire.

Harrell had a lot on his mind. Not only was it his first time out on the May Evaluation recruiting trail, he and his wife had just had their first child.

“So he’s not thinking about much else and well, his driver’s license expired,” said McGuire. “They let him fly and he’s in Fresno but… ‘Hey they won’t let me rent a car!’

“He’s one of the most competitive people I’ve ever been around in my life and he’s dying to do the best job of everyone out there -- and he had to spend a whole day in a taxi cab recruiting Fresno.”

McGuire drove up from Ontario, Calif. to meet up with Harrell but the drama wasn’t over.

“Then he goes back to the hotel he was staying at waiting on me to pick me up,” said McGuire. “I drove past it because there were no lights, the power in the hotel went out so he’s sitting there for three hours in the dark, can't even get on wi-fi. He's got a flashlight on his phone and he's out in the parking lot looking for me to arrive. So you’re having a pretty rough day. He ended up getting a paper license and was able to finish out the week but that was a first for me, I’d never heard of that before but it could have happened to anybody.”

McGuire’s territory is primarily north of Los Angeles including Ventura, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield and Westlake Village but he also dipped back into his old territory for a couple days (Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno). And he hooked up with Dave Yost, Harrell, Ken Wilson and Eric Mele in their territories.

“Coach Harrell had the baby so I spent two days covering some stuff for him in my old area, and then I spent about four days just on o-linemen with the other guys,” said McGuire.

How many schools did he visit?

“I couldn’t even tell you that,” said McGuire. “My area was pretty good in that there were early morning practices and afternoon practices. So it was pretty easy to get into 10-12 schools a day, though things have to work out just right for you timing-wise. Later, when we tried to do more specific schools that number would drop down, maybe six at the least. It was a lot of miles. My area is pretty spread out so you get some pretty good driving going. Everywhere you go, people talk about how improved we are.”

McGuire has all five returning starters back on the o-line and he thinks the Cougs may surprise people this year.

“I’m excited about this year. We had a really good spring. I think we have a chance to be a pretty good football team and I think we can really improve on what we’re doing, continue to build this program and make some leaps this year … I really feel like things are going very well right now,” said McGuire.

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