Cougar QB's: Leach wants their hands dirty

IN A RECENT radio interview with Mike Leach, the topic of whether a quiet quarterback who leads by example is generally as successful as the more vocal types. Leach said there's something far more important than being vocal.

Work ethic.

“I want it clear that they’re willing to get their hands dirty,” said on 102.5 The Game in Nashville. “Some lineman is bashing into somebody, a receiver is running down field a long ways, the running back is doing a combination of both, so is the linebacker. They look at the quarterback and they say, ‘Alright, the guy went backwards five steps and tossed the football and we’re not allowed to hit him in practice. So what exactly is he doing?'

"So I’ve always wanted it to be clear that he’s the first one out here on the field, and should be the last one to leave.”

Leach said this offseason that
Luke Falk (pictured above) and Peyton Bender are the calmest quarterbacks he's ever had.

“I mean, you’ll go along, and these guys will even calm me down," Leach said in an interview with SirusXM. "The one guy is like Jeff Spicoli, and the other guy’s like a farmer, they calm down and just move on.”

Alas, Leach didn't specify which one was which.

Falk is the leading QB candidate but Peyton Bender did enough this spring to keep it close. Leach typically does not name a starter until at least midway through fall camp.

LEACH ALSO talked about how important the width of the field is to Washington State.

"The field is slightly over 52 yards -- and we want to attack all of it," said Leach. "You’re just spreading your formations so you can attack sideline-to-sideline and downfield."

ASKED IF the SEC was overhyped, Leach tossed out more praise than shade at the conference.

"Maybe a little but they're always, always, always in the top three and often they are the best conference in the country," said Leach.

Leach said a lot of times in recent years the SEC has had the best team, but not necessarily the best conference top to bottom.

"Last year I thought the Pac-12 was the best conference," said Leach.

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