As announcers come and go, Bob Rob endures

TO PUT THE longevity of Bob Robertson’s 48, soon-to-be 49th, year of broadcasting Cougar football into perspective, consider that with the recently announced ouster of Bud Nameck, Bob has now outlasted 10 booth partners.

His first, in 1964, was long-time KHQ-TV news director and anchor Bob Briley, who was followed by Frank Herron, Jim Shanley, Elaine Perkins, Dave Grosby, Paul Sorensen, Scott Pelluer, Jim Walden, Shawn McWashington and, for the last two seasons, Nameck.

There was about a decade in that mix when Bob was a one-man show in the booth.

In addition to the booth folks, Bob also has out-distanced 10 head coaches: Jim Sutherland, Bert Clark, Jim Sweeney, Jackie Sherrill, Warren Power, Jim Walden, Dennis Erickson, Mike Price, Bill Doba and Paul Wulff.

NAMECK, OF COURSE, is best known for his nearly quarter-century as the broadcast voice of the Cougar basketball team. Back in April, in what now appears to have been a fortuitous interview with CF.C, Bud picked his all-time Cougar team since first stepping behind the mic in 1993-94. Here’s who he picked:

Big line-up:
Aron Baynes, center
Mark Hendrickson, power forward
Klay Thompson, shooting forward/guard
Ike Fontane, shooting guard
Kyler Weaver, point guard

Small line-up:
Hendrickson, post
Thompson, wing
Fontaine, wing
Weaver, guard
Bennie Seltzer., point guard

“Supersubs on those teams would be Derrick Low, Marcus Moore, Brock Motum, Carlos Daniel, Taylor Rochestie, Mike Bush, DaVonte Lacy and DeAngelo Casto. Klay is the most talented player I have watched in the Crimson and Gray," Nameck said.

“Have to give a shout out to Marcus Capers for exemplifying the Cougar spirit!" he added. "Plenty of other players I considered for my all-time team, including a guy who could have made a huge mark on Cougar basketball, but he only was a Coug for two years. Terrence Lewis was a JUCO player who helped Kelvin Sampson get things going. The smoothest lefty shooter I have ever seen. He would have threatened the 2,000-point mark if he was a four-year Cougar.”

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