Leach mixes Deflategate, Kardashians on ESPN

WHAT DID ESPN expect? Ask Washington State's Mike Leach for his opinion on Deflategate and of course you're going to get an answer that involves the Kardashians and the British royals. Duh.

ESPN held its Pac-12 "car wash" on Wednesday, with head coaches going through various interviews on the network's Bristol, Conn., campus. Leach was asked about the New England Patriots' Deflategate saga. ESPN's Mark Schlabach tweeted out Leach's answer.

Leach also reiterated he'd like to see a 64-team playoff in this clip: CLICK HERE.

It's not the first time Leach has said that. Back in 2012, before there ever was a playoff, Leach said the minimum should be 16 in a college playoff and 32 would be better. But 64, he said, would be ideal. Leach said he would cut the regular season down to 10 games, but guarantee every team would play 12 games. The champion and runner-up would play 16 games.

Leach was also asked a couple questions about the upcoming Washington State season, specifically on the Cougar defense and the QB battle between Luke Falk and Jeff Spicoli Peyton Bender. For that video clip, CLICK HERE.

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