Donald Trump has a fan in Mike Leach

THE DONALD TRUMP campaign circus has dominated headlines of late and Washington State coach Mike Leach has twice in the last 10 days done his little part to contribute to the buzz, sharing his affinity for the mogul in national media interviews.

“Just watching the election, I hear all these people that like Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump -- well, why does he have so much momentum? Because he’s doing what everybody else wants to do, wants to get back to, which is speak honestly,” Leach said Thursday on ESPNU.

He made similar remarks a week earlier to Jack Arute of Sirius XM Radio.

Trump's "honesty" in recent weeks has included dismissing the years of torture Sen. John McCain endured as a POW in the Vietnam War, and maligning Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals.

Leach's interest in Trump stretches back to 2004, when Leach read one of Trump's books on a plane ride and got in contact with him. Leach has an autographed picture of Trump in his WSU office (pictured above).

As ESPN noted in a graphic at the end of its Leach interview, the coach also covered territory beyond Trump, including Geronimo, online dating, humanity’s pending downfall due to lack of verbal communication, Congress’ low approval ratings, the American Revolution and evolution.

On the football side of things, Leach said, “The biggest question is always how much better are you than you were in spring,” said Leach. “We’ve had a huge offseason just from the standpoint as far as enthusiasm, work ethic, effort, improvement. And you can see it just as they walk through the hall. But the biggest question is, ‘Where are you now?’”

When ESPN’s Anish Shroff noted “record-setting quarterback Connor Halliday” was lost to graduation, Leach didn’t miss a beat.

“Well, we’ll get another record-setting one,” said Leach. “We’ve got Luke Falk who finished up the season, averaged 460 yards a game passing (476 yards in his three starts) -- and he did that as a freshman so I thought that was impressive. And then we’ve got another guy in Peyton Bender. Luke and Peyton fought it out in the spring and they’ll continue to in camp for a while. But I thought both looked really impressive.”

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