Mike Leach makes a media day break for it

MIKE LEACH was being ushered around Warner Bros. Studios by a Pac-12 representative on Friday when he spied a door down the end of a long hallway. That’s when the Washington State coach decided to make a break for it.

During an interview on the Pac-12 Networks on Friday, Leach related the story about how he ditched the Pac-12 representative, Danielle, assigned to WSU and took off for the Batman museum.

“I knew Danielle probably wasn’t going to be up for the detour to Batman, you know, because she’s got the illusion that this media stuff is important,” said Leach. “So I had to make a break for it… But let me say this, her ability to reel us in was really quite remarkable. It didn’t take her long. And I am curious to know how she found us so quickly.”

Leach gave the Batman gift shop high marks.

“Those of you thinking of gift items, you know, you can perhaps get a Catwoman outfit for your wife. And then there’s some cool brass knuckles with blades on it and things of that nature,” said Leach.

Leach also took in the Harry Potter exhibit.

“They put a hat on you and tell you which tribe you’re in. I can’t remember, I was Hufflepuff or something like that,” said Leach.

Leach also took a swipe at the Pac-12 Network’s Mike Yam and Yogi Roth.

“I think both you and Yogi would really like the Harry Potter museum and then the other thing is a lot of the clothes in there would fit you guys,” said Leach.

Turning to the topic of the Cougar defense, Leach said the biggest reason why he hired Alex Grinch as the Cougs' new defensive coordinator was because he’s been impressed with the way Missouri played defense and their philosophies mesh.

“I thought they looked really good in the spring, too,” said Leach of the stop corps.

Leach reiterated that at the end of spring quarterback Luke Falk was “a little ahead” of Peyton Bender.

“A lot of it is he’s a real composed guy,” said Leach. “They’ll both compete for the job when we go to camp.”

Joe Dahl said the offensive line “has incredible chemistry” this year and said that will only continue to grow as the season goes along.

“We know we don’t have any say in the play calls but I think this year you’re going to see a more balanced attack, especially from years past. I think we’re going to be running the ball a little bit more and those big guys up front will be a little more happy too. You never know until the season gets here but I think we’ll be a little more run-based and I think that’s good,” said Dahl.

Dahl said Falk inspired immediate confidence last year and praised his work ethic. He also said the team chemistry last year wasn’t what it should have been and contributed to WSU’s 3-9 mark.

“I think everybody this year has completely bonded, there’s no resistance from what the coaches are saying, from what the players are saying,” said Dahl.

Jeremiah Allison, a senior who has never redshirted, said his experience in going from south central Los Angeles to Pullman has been “amazing” but that his work is not done at WSU. He also talked about his late mother, Lucille, who passed away when he was a freshman.

“She would just tell me to stay the course and keep working and if I feel that I’m near being done with what I’m doing, that I’m nowhere near done,” said Allison. “She was a very inspirational person… and I’ve gotten to meet people like that at Washington State as well, like our president Elson Floyd, who just passed away recently.”

Allison said Leach’s philosophy has remained the same since he was being recruited by Leach four years ago.

“One thing he does is he keeps a good head on our shoulders and he makes sure we do everything we need to do to compete at a high capability,” said Allison.

Given the chance to tell a Rich Rodriguez story, Leach simply relayed that once when Leach, Bob Huggins and Rodriguez were at an event in Phoenix, Rodriguez went to bed early and Leach asked Huggins why. “And Bob Huggins just shakes his head and says, ‘Mike, he’s been in the desert too long. He’s lost. We can’t get him right at all.’”

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