An Open Letter to WSU Fans

Dear Fellow Cougs: turns 17 this month. We've come a long way since 1998, growing from a few dozen readers a day in the early going to thousands today. The aim was to become "a cyber pub, where all the discussion was about one thing: the WSU Cougars."

CF.C was just a fun hobby at the outset, but we quickly realized Cougar fans wanted more -- and deserved more. So every penny we made was poured back into the site in the form of reporters, editors, photographers and a bit of marketing. has NEVER made a profit and some years the bottom line must be subsidized out of our pockets. CF.C effectively is a non-profit organization. Quite frankly, we have no desire to ever make a profit. CF.C is a labor of love. But we are absolutely hellbent to make this the best possible site we can for Cougar fans.

And to do that we need members. The more we have, the more content we can produce because we direct the revenue back into the site.

We believe the incentive to become a CF.C member has never been greater. Our content is not only award-winning but copious. Where else can you make one stop and come away with the latest insight about the Cougs, the latest scoop on recruiting, the latest on old Cougs playing pro ball, and also read an interesting feature story or three?

In addition, as part of our affiliation with the network, our membership package includes Ticketmonster discounts, great premium forums, fantasy sports advice from the world’s best players, national and regional recruiting analysis, new daily headline videos and more.

But we want to do more. We want CF.C to blanket the Web in crimson. With your support, we can provide you with more great articles, insights, forum posts, videos and blog items.

Help us create the ultimate "cyber pub" for Cougs by supporting and becoming a member today! If you're already a member, convince a friend to join or ask that free-loading brother to quit piggybacking on you. The cost of membership equates to about two lattes a month. That's it.

Membership is an investment in generating more content. More members adds up to more content. It's self-reinforcing.


Thank you in advance.


The Witter Cousins
CF.C Co-founders

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