Odds are small WSU would play in Kibbie Dome

COULD THE STATE WILDFIRES force Washington State to play its season opener against Portland State in Idaho’s Kibbie Dome (capacity 16,000)? The odds are small.

We're still 11 days away from the game and the skies could just as easily have cleared out long before Sept. 5. And if they haven't, rescheduling the game would seem the more likely option.

“We’re just doing our due diligence to prepare for everything at this point, as we would for every potential scenario,” said WSU SID Bill Stevens.

Such as lightning. Or even a tornado, said Stevens. Washington State has plans in place for such scenarios when certain weather conditions are present.

Bill Moos was asked about the chances, if the air quality were to still be poor a week from Saturday, of the Cougs' holding their season opener at the Kibbie Dome -- capacity 16,000 -- in a Spokesman-Review article today.

"That could be an option," Moos told the paper. "There haven't been any real, formal talks in regards to we are going to do that or not. But I think it's important that we explore options. My staff, though, has been focusing on a normal game day procedure in Martin.

"The Kibbie Dome would not be the only option in my mind, there are other options where maybe we could go. We want to play the game. Another option is, can we reschedule it? That's happened before when you look back September 11th, and those things, people had to get creative with their schedules.”

WSU moved Sunday night’s practice indoors due to poor air quality. However, the Spokesman reported the air quality around Pullman today was considerably better than Sunday. Tuesday's Air Quality Index reading was 95, and the Cougs are practicing outdoors today. The Cougs move indoors when the AQI exceeds 150.

The Cougar basketball team has played many times in the Kibbie Dome since it opened in 1971 but the WSU football team has never played a game in the facility.

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