Celebrity experts break down Cougs' pratfall

AN ALL-AMERICAN and a pair of Rose Bowl veterans are among the old Cougars offering their insights on Washington State's shocking loss Saturday to Portland State.

1994 Palouse Posse All-American defensive end

“Portland State? Are you serious?”

2005 & ’06 Apple Cup ace, tight end

"This might sum up how I feel: A Clint Eastwood grunt.
Wide receivers need to help our young quarterbacks! Make all the plays you can and never let the defender get better position on the ball.
Special teams: ball security equals job security.
Defense: In the first half everyone was flying around making plays. In the second half, they needed to get off of the blocks and contain the edges!”

1998 Rose Bowl & Fab Five receiver

“The young guy (Peyton Bender) had to step in at quarterback (to try to win the game) and it didn't work out so well. But the defense really had to step up in the second half and didn’t.”

1998 Rose Bowl offensive lineman

"Lots of frustration today, but that's due to the high expectations we all have of this team. We know these players and coaches worked hard, to get in shape and get excited about Cougar football and you can point the finger in any direction, but that doesn't help. There were many variables that played a role in this loss. None of them are good reasons because the same weather and issues happened for Portland State. We got out-played and we overlooked a team we should have beaten. Simply, we wasted an opportunity to get better.
We ran the ball more today, which is more than we see in many games, and we know that isn't this offense's bread and butter. An experienced O-line should have made the run game more proficient, and that hurt in my opinion. So let's start fresh. The worst thing we can do is lose faith. Those guys know they didn't do everything possible to win, whether it was preparation or play, they know. They don't need to hear it and we don't need to create turmoil.
It's not going to help to be down. These guys have to know, learn and expect to win, and most of all know that we support them. Once a Coug, always a Coug. Keep the faith, believe, and encourage. We will start winning and Cougar football will turn the corner, but it's gonna take all us Cougs to make it happen. Go Cougs!”

1988 Aloha Bowl and 1989 All-Pac-10 offensive lineman

"That performance and outcome — the responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of Mike Leach.”

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