What They're Saying: Nailbiter Edition

A SEASON ON THE brink after one week is suddenly a season of hope after week two. From ESPN to Newark, AP to Twitter, the pundits were marveling following Washington State's dramatic victory over Rutgers on Saturday

This game certainly doesn't make up for last weekend's loss and the Cougars' road to the postseason isn't going to be easy. But if nothing else, it shows that they can close out a tight game on the road, which should bring a bit more faith to Leach & Co.
-- Chantel Jennings, ESPN

Confidence is infectious. And the kind of confidence a team gets when it wins a game in the final seconds, the way Washington State did against Rutgers on Saturday, can be the stuff you build win streaks and momentum off.
-- Stefanie Loe, Seattle Times

Mike Leach wasn’t surrendering. The head coach huddled his offense to provide some words of wisdom. "Now this is pretty exciting, isn’t it?” he told the faces inside those helmets. “This is real exciting. See how excited they are? If you want this thing to be twice as exciting, march down there and score.”
Brian Heyman, Cougfan.com

Even after Janarion Grant literally did it all, that still wasn’t enough.
-- Garrett Stepien, The Daily Targum

No one flinched.
Gabe Marks, Cougar receiver

Any speculation on the efficacy of the Mike Leach era may be quieted after the Cougars traveled across the country and avenged a loss to Rutgers from last season.
-- Paul Myerberg and Daniel Uthman, USA Today Sports

In a tumultuous fourth quarter that saw just about everything, the game seemed to have seven different endings. There were 39 combined points scored in the fourth.
-- Cougfan.com

For a second season in a row, Washington State (1-1) and Rutgers (1-1) put together a wild and crazy fourth quarter in non-conference competition between the Big Ten and Pac-12. This year, the road team once again …
- -Kevin McGuire, NBCsports.com

For a while there it seemed Janarion Grant and his heroics had saved the season for Rutgers, which is saying a lot when you consider it's only Week 2. But this was the game Rutgers needed to win. Really, really needed to win. They didn’t, falling .. with 13 seconds to play.
-- Stephen Edelson, Asbury Park Press

It was a game that, in the eloquent words of wide receiver Gabe Marks, “will either take you all the way to the top or bring you all the way to the bottom in a heartbeat. You just have to learn to keep your emotions in check. You just have to focus on the next play and learn to not get caught up.”
-- The Associated Press

And from the Twitter-verse:

Somebody buy Cracraft a drink


Dude. Gabe Marks is a freak of nature.

From worst game in Cougar football history to one of the most exciting. Mikey went from crying one minute to celebrating the next. #GoCougs @cougsgo

For the love of all things football and Cougar, what a stinkin' game!!!GoCougs#

The CARDIAC COUGARS defeat Rutgers 37-34 with TD w/ :13 left. #WSUvsRU WSU#

So proud of our staff & this group of young men right now. It's HOW u respond to adversity that speaks to your true character. #GoCougs!

That football game had more lead changes than World War II. And much like the war, the right side emerged victorious. #GoCougs WSUvsRUTG#

Have your hearts started beating again yet? #GoCougs @wsucougfb

I think I'm going to like this Keith Harrington (pictured above) fella. #DreadsAndTouchdowns

I spoke with @jasongesser Thursday night and asked for his prediction of #Wazzu game. Holy smokes! (Gesser predicted 37-34 Cougs)

For the first time since 2007 Apple Cup, Cougs won a game during the final minute, per WSU. #gocougs

Good thing the Cougs didn't drop football after last week.

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