Washington State gets in quality work for nearly its entire roster during Wednesday's bye week practice

PULLMAN – Following a couple days off to refresh and catch up with everyday life, Washington State returned to practice Wednesday for an intense session that had a lively pace and a little bit of everything, including some Wednesday Night Football.

This being the bye week,  the Cougs spent Wednesday training and improving in every area possible. There wasn’t a whole lot of preparation specifically for California, but instead a mix of prep and just all-around improvement work.

“We had a bit of both in practice today,” quarterback Luke Falk said. “We want to use this week to improve and get our bodies right, but we’ll also get some prep time in as well.”

The Cougars' staple of Thursday Night Football came a day early (though it is expected for tomorrow night as well) to give everyone a chance to participate and stay active. The offense 1s and 2s took on the defense’s 1s and 2s before the younger players got a chance to show their stuff. The starters and backups did a little less hitting, but had a tough go against each other.

Falk started things off with the 1s taking on the D’s starters. Falk had a few nice throws that started as short gains and grew to large gains. Falk also threw an interception when Hunter Dale made a great play against Dom Williams. Jamal Morrow and Keith Harrington each had rushing touchdowns during Falk’s first stint.

“I thought the offense played with good tempo,” Falk said. “It was nice to compete against the defense. It was a real nice practice.”

Peyton Bender stepped in with the 2s and had some nice throws, but was also sacked once. Bender found Robert Lewis for a 12-yard touchdown during his lone stint against the starting D. Falk returned and faced the 1s and 2s. Falk had a nice touchdown throw to Kyle Sweet (pictured above) and another well-placed ball to Daniel Lilienthal, a pass that lofted over the defender for his second passing TD. Like Bender, Falk was also sacked.

During Wednesday Night Football, the offense came out with Christian Jorgensen at quarterback. The young QB had some nice throws, but also threw an interception to the waiting arms of Colton Teglovic. Bender also participated, and led the offense on two touchdown drives. The first was a throw to Erik Anderson, and a beautiful deep ball to Kyle Sweet set up the second TD. James Williams punched in that touchdown on a 1-yard run.

Tyler Hilinski came in for the final drive for the offense. Sweet continued to have a good night receiving, as he took a short pass and out-juked Willie Roach to gain a first down. Reggie Coates made a great swat at a pass intended for James Williams. On third down, the speedy Williams ran for 15 yards. Later in the drive Sweet caught a pass around the 10 and pushed his progress to the 5. On the next play, Sweet caught a 5-yard touchdown pass.

Before team time and Wednesday Night Football, the Cougars got in some of their normal work. The Cougars had some one-on-one drills, pitting wide receivers against defensive backs. The receivers won thanks to some great grabs from Dom Williams and Lilienthal. The DBs had some nice plays as well, including pass breakups from Charleston White, Shalom Luani, and Darrien Molton

For special teams work, the Cougars worked on field goal kicking, and letting Brett Schafer get some kicks. The young kicker hit at least four kicks (it was tough to tell on one kick), his long one 42 yards. Coach Eric Mele’s squad also worked on lane assignments. After the past few weeks of special teams issues, it was good to see a good chunk of practice dedicated to lane assignment to a return man. Finally, Erik Powell had some nice kickoffs during practice; his directional kicking is making returns difficult and giving his coverage team a chance to stop the opponent’s return man.

Notable Notes

  • Isaac Dotson was absent from practice again.

  • Suli Hameed, Matt Abramo, Amosa Sakaria, Michael Cole, C.J. Dimry and T.J. Fehoko were limited in Wednesday’s practice.


Offensive Wednesday Night Football

QB: Peyton Bender, Tyler Hilinski, Christian Jorgenson 

RB: James Williams, Alijah Lee 

LT: Andre Dillard / Cedric Bigge-Duren / Cody O’Connell (received handful here) 

LG: Cody O’Connell (majority here) / Noah Osur-Myers 

C: Sam Flor / Carlos Freeman 

RG: B.J. Salmonson / Moritz Christ 

RT: Brandon Ever / Davis Perrott 

X: Erik Anderson, Kaleb Fossum 

Y: Kyle Sweet 

Z: Xavius Boone / Kainoa Wilson 

H: D.J. Thompson 


Defensive Wednesday Night Football

DE: Jeremiah Mitchell / Hunter Mattox 

NT: Ngalu Tapa / Devonte McClain / Austin Brown 

DT: Reggie Coates / Jacob Laird 

Rush LB: Dylan Hanser 

WIL LB: Nate DeRider 

MIKE LB: Chandler Leniu 

NICKEL CB: Treshon Broughton / Colton Teglovic / Darius Lemora 

CB: Pat Porter / David Bucannon 

CB: Deion Singleton 

FS: Hunter Dale / Skylar Cracraft 

SS: Kirkland Parker / Kameron Powell / Calvin Green 

Offensive 1s

QB: Luke Falk 

RB: Gerard Wicks 

LT: Joe Dahl 

LG: Gunnar Eklund 

C: Riley Sorenson 

RG: Eduardo Middleton 

RT: Cole Madison 

X: Dom Williams 

Y: River Cracraft 

Z: Gabe Marks 

H: Robert Lewis 

Defensive 1s

DE: Darryl Paulo 

NT: Robert Barber 

DT: Destiny Vaeao 

Rush LB –Ivan McLennan 

WIL LB – Jeremiah Allison 

MIKE LB – Peyton Pelluer 

NICKEL: Logan Tago 

CB: Darrien Molton 

CB: Charleston White / Marcellus Pippins 

FS: Taylor Taliulu 

SS: Shalom Luani 

Offensive 2s

QB: Peyton Bender 

RB: Jamal Morrow / Keith Harrington 

LT: Andre Dillard

LG: Cody O’Connell 

C: Sam Flor 

RG: B.J. Salmonson 

RT: Brandon Ever 

X: Kyrin Priester 

Y: John Thompson 

Z: Tavares Martin Jr. 

H: Tyler Baker 

Defensive 2s

DE: Jeremiah Mitchell 

NT: Ngalu Tapa  

DT: Reggie Coates 

Rush LB: Dylan Hanser 

WIL LB: Nate DeRider 

MIKE LB: Chandler Leniu 

NICKEL CB: Logan Tago / Parker Henry 

CB: Pat Porter 

CB: Charleston White / Marcellus Pippins 

FS: Hunter Dale 

SS: Kirkland Parker  

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