CFC TV: No singing kumbaya, says Mike Leach

PULLMAN -- Aside from special teams break downs, the biggest issue with last year's 60-59 Cougar loss to Cal was that officials didn't credit the Cougars with their final touchdown (see photo above of Gerard Wicks breaking the plane), Cougar coach Mike Leach told reporters Monday. The missed TD call forced the now-infamous missed 19-yard field goal try with 19 seconds left.

But "that game doesn't have anything to do with this game so we'll just worry about what we're doing now," Leach said of the Cougars upcoming game at Cal on Saturday (1 p.m./Pac-12 Networks).

In regard to facing his former Texas Tech assistant coach, Cal head man Sonny Dykes, this Saturday (starting at the 5:43 mark), Leach said, "There's no leisure time to get together and kumbaya ... we'll shake hands before the game, and then we'll coach."

In addition, Leach touched on the progress of the Cougar defense, tweaking the Air Raid over the years, the lopsided wins in the Pac-12 last weekend, Cal QB Jared Goff's smarts, differences between the Cal and WSU versions of the Air Raid, the Pac-12's move toward zone defenses, and more ...

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