Falk blames self for sacks; plus more quotes

CAL BEARS coach Sonny Dykes said he was just waiting to call the onside kick that ultimately proved to be a game-changer Saturday in his team's 34-28 nail biter over Washington State.

"It is something that we talked about. That’s kind of a hard kick to execute and you have to credit Matt [Anderson]. He did a fantastic job kicking it, and Darius [Allensworth] did a great job making the play," Dykes said of the third quarter onside kick the Bears recovered -- though replays might suggest possession wasn't achieved before going out of bounds -- and subsequently led to a TD four plays later.

"We were looking for the right time to call it, and we just felt at that point we had a little bit of momentum. We thought it could be something that could really change the game," Dykes said.

Both Dykes and Cal quarterback Jared Goff praised WSU's game plan.

"First of all I have to credit to Washington State and the way they played. They had a really great game plan. The way they played fast, you can tell they had some time to prepare for us. The speed of their players was impressive. I thought that they executed well and looked like a fresh football team," said Dykes.

Goff, asked about his offense's slow start, said, "I think them having two weeks to prepare might have had something to do with it. They had an extra chance to clean up the wrinkles and put in some new stuff we weren’t ready for. The stuff they didn’t show on film, and hats off to them for that, but they played real good defense. They were a lot better than in the past and made it tough for us."

Cougar cornerback Marcellus Pippins, who intercepted Goff on the third snap of the game, said he felt the QB "stopped throwing it my way. I wish they threw it towards me some more. I could have gotten another one."

Like Goff, Pippins is a Bay Area native.

"Jared Goff and I have some history. Senior year [of high school] we played against each other. Coming back here and playing him again, it was kind of a personal game. I know him a little bit. We played on the same all-star team. We hung out after the game a little bit."

Cougar coach Mike Leach praised Pippins.

"I thought he (Marcellus) did a good job, played hard and did some good things. That was good to see. I thought our whole defense played hard. They (Cal) have a really good crew of receivers and we shut them down a lot, but gave up the occasional big play," Leach said.

COUGAR QUARTERBACK Luke Falk was sacked seven times in the game, but defended his offensive line. "I think all sacks were on me. So I just have to look at it and see how I could have avoided some of those. I think that would have helped us out a little bit .. We thought they were going to play off a little bit, but they came up and took their shots."

Leach said Falk "could have gotten rid of the ball better at times," but he also said the line needed to block better.

Added Falk, "I think we improved. We rose up together today. We were really an unstoppable team. There’s going to be times where we could have taken control of this game, just a play here and there. We need to take a look at the film, the things we did right, and things we can get better at."

Falk wasn't being hyperbolic. WSU's four TD drives read like a football textbook:

  • 15 plays, 79 yards, 6 minutes and 17 seconds
  • 13 plays, 47 yards, 5 minutes and 53 seconds
  • 10 plays, 85 yards, 3 minutes and 23 seconds
  • 9 plays, 71 yards, 3 minutes and 34 seconds.

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