Washington State returns to Pullman for a short stay as Cougars hit the road again this week for Oregon

PULLMAN -- There's no rest for the Cougars as they returned to Washington State off a 34-28 loss to California in Berkeley, only to have to turn around later this week and head to Eugene for a 3 p.m. Saturday kick against Oregon. So back to the practice field it was Sunday night for a no-pads practice.

Here are some notes and quotes from the workout and the Bears' game aftermath:

  • The defense had the more interesting player movements. Nickel back Isaac Dotson was not present Sunday. Filling in at first was Parker Henry, but Treshon Broughton and even Calvin Green saw some reps with the first team defense. Green also ran a few reps with the 2s at nickel back. Reggie Coates and Daniel Ekuale took a few reps with the first team defense at defensive end and nose tackle, respectively. For the 2s, Jeremiah Mitchell and Ngalu Tapa took over for Coates and Ekuale. Also, Dylan Hanser got a handful of reps at the RUSH linebacker spot.

  • DC Alex Grinch, grading the defense vs. Cal: “It’s tough to say. The task is to hold them to less points than we score, and we didn’t do that. We gave up 28 points while we were on the field, and that wasn’t good enough this week.”

  • Grinch on holding Cal (most of the time) to short runs “I think we had a better commitment to discipline. We jump on our guys when they don’t, but they did a good job.”

  • Grinch on prepping for Oregon “All the quarterbacks will do what they do. There are some option-principles. You don’t see quarterback X being more run than quarterback Y, so you just prepare for the offense’s identity.”

  • Grinch on praise vs. criticism: “You gotta point out every correction, but it doesn’t do you any good to ignore the positives. You like the turnovers, but you’d like to have more, including the fumble that we just couldn’t locate on the 4-yard line.”

  • Grinch on Marcellus Pippins: “I think he’s doing a nice job of committing to the technique. It’s funny, when you commit to the technique, it’s interesting how the ball just finds you. In every scenario, it’s a young player in our program committing to doing the fundamentals of the position. He’s being rewarded for it, and we’re being rewarded for it as a defense.”

  • Special teams coach Eric Mele on mishandled onside kick: “The guys weren’t quite lined up where we wanted them, but having said that we had a chance to make a play on the ball and just didn’t. We’ve got to make that play.”

  • Mele on fake punt: “I think ultimately we lost our composure on that a little bit, and that’s my responsibility to make sure we don’t call that unless we have the right look, but we gave it a shot and it didn’t pan out our way, and we’ll move on and get the next one.”

  • Mele on Powell getting deeper kickoffs: “We got the air on our side in the first quarter, so that helped. But he had a good week of practice and changed his alignment a little bit to help him out.”

Offensive 1s

QB: Luke Falk

RB: Gerard Wicks / Keith Harrington

LT: Joe Dahl

LG: Gunnar Eklund

C: Riley Sorenson

RG: Eduardo Middleton

RT: Cole Madison

X: Dom Williams

Y: River Cracraft

Z: Gabe Marks

H: Robert Lewis

Defensive 1s

DE: Darryl Paulo

NT: Robert Barber

DT: Destiny Vaeao

Rush LB: Ivan McLennan

WIL LB: Jeremiah Allison

MIKE LB: Peyton Pelluer

NICKEL: Parker Henry / Treshon Broughton / Calvin Green (handful for Broughton & Green)

CB: Darrien Molton

CB: Marcellus Pippins

FS: Taylor Taliulu

SS: Shalom Luani

Alex Grinch

Eric Mele

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