Washington State head coach Mike Leach talks about his hair, his offensive line at Cal and the Oregon Ducks

PULLMAN – Washington State coach Mike Leach started out talking about his hair style, but then he turned succinct Monday when addressing the seven sacks the Cougars surrendered Saturday at California. While quarterback Luke Falk was holding onto the ball too long, that doesn't excuse the offensive line from keeping him off the turf, he told reporters in his weekly media briefing.

“I think the sacks were a combination of the o-line and QB's responsibility. If you’re an o-lineman and the QB  'held onto the ball too long,’ four other guys guy didn’t sack him, why did your guy sack him?” Leach said beginning at roughly the 1:19 mark in the video above.

“I think there’s been some positive publicity about our offensive line that doesn’t appear to be very justified," he added.

Leach was asked about the team’s improvment and buying into the Leach approach at about the 4:00 mark and said, “I think there’s no question. I think you always want to be faster, and I want the progress to be faster too. I think there’s been a steady movement forward on our improvement, we just need to improve faster.”

At about the 10:00 mark he talks about defensive coordinator Alex Grinch's decision to call the game from the press box rather than the sideline. "Grinch chose to go in the box. There’s always a conversation between the guy on the field and the guy in the box .. Some guys like the box because they can see and think better in a more quiet fashion; the game is sort of like a video game from up there ...”

Later, at approximately the 15:30 mark, Leach notes that Grinch’s "philosophy in the game is similar to mine. You constantly focus on improving, you constantly focus on what you can do better, and you know there’s no point where you hear him talk about relaxing or it’s time to back off or ‘gee, we played good, let’s just enjoy it.’”

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