Commentary: All that's wrong with media today

NO OFFENSE TO Brian Dohn, the analyst who is probably a good guy and solid at his job. But he represents all that is wrong with media today. His tired old saw today about the “5 coaches on the hot seat” is the standard superficial nonsense national media types trot out to get attention rather than to educate readers.

Mike Leach is on Brian’s list. How lazy can a guy be to put Leach on that list? Anyone who knows WSU athletic director Bill Moos -- and anyone who has paid attention to the talent upgrade of the roster over the last four years -- knows that Leach isn’t going anywhere.

The fact that light-weight piece of video was pinned on the front page of without our permission adds to the gall of it.


Sure, there’s the chance the Cougs could lose the rest of their games 66-3, at which time Leach most certainly would get his walking papers despite the nearly prohibitive financial price WSU would have to pay. But there are no signs of any kind that this is a return to 2008 or 2009 for the Cougars. They are competitive. What they must do is learn to finish.

Dohn says "I love Mike Leach" and concedes that he "knows how to coach." He then tips his hand to the entire extent of his research: the Cougars lost to Portland State last month.


That is serious insight right there. Award that man his Ph.D.

The Cougs, we know, won't compete for the Pac-12 North crown this season, but the progress in the program is unmistakable.

Moreover, Moos has basically staked his WSU legacy on Leach turning the program into a sustained winner. He would just as soon send his son Ben, a star ballplayer at Pullman High, to the University of Washington as fire Leach.

Moos is not going to boot his head football coach after four seasons. Jim Sterk, Moos’ predecessor, himself said the rebuild following Bill Doba might require two head coaches. That speaks to the depth to which the program had fallen. That speaks to how much foundation Paul Wulff had to pour and how much framing Leach has had to do.

Leach is bringing stability to WSU football. Opting for a fourth new head coach in a 10-year span makes no sense in Cougarville, particularly when you can see the progress being made between the lines.

All of which illustrates in spades how little research Mr. Dohn did when compiling his list about the five coaches on the hot seat. Here's to hoping he and can step up their game going forward.

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