Working through a new, force-fed Web world

DEAR FELLOW COUGS: You may be wondering why the stories at the top of CF.C's front page over the last week haven't always been our most recent stories, why they may contain video that doesn't pertain directly to the written copy it's connected with, and why that video is -- maddenly -- programmed to autoplay. Here's why:, the national network we’ve been part of for many years, doesn’t think its affiliate sites, such as, are producing enough video content.

So in an effort to hit us over the head with their video wishes, they have programmed the front page of every Scout site so that only stories with video content are placed at the very top.

Mind you now, as near as can tell all this was done without any marketplace testing or meaningful input from site publishers. It was done by fiat, dictated by the CEO of

In the 17-plus years we’ve been operating -- 15 of them with either Scout or the original Rivals -- this marks the first time our front page isn't controlled exclusively by us.

Moreover, we have no control of the video autoplay feature that no doubt makes life miserable when you're checking out CF.C while in the workplace.

Rest assured, CF.C is not sitting quietly during this egregious betrayal by We are sharing our concerns with the misguided folks who are shoving this nonsense down our throats. And we're going to create threads on our luxury suites and football message boards where you can post your thoughts, which we will then forward to

We are sorry to subject you, our loyal customers, to Scout's ham-handed management. Cougar Nation deserves better.

Ironically, the network has made significant improvements over the last year that have been a boon to you, our readers. These strides have been made possible through the talented group of managers and programmers at Sadly, this mess with video and the front page -- passed down unilaterally from on high -- undermines all those other strides.

Nonetheless, we want you, the people who have made a true cyber community, to know two things as we work through's highly unorthodox move:

First, that we will continue to bring you all the great coverage we always have. It’s just that some of it may not be readily seen at the very top of the front page and some of it may contain awkward 10-second snippets of video just so we can sneak 'em into the top frame. Bottom line, please be sure to scroll down the front page a bit if it looks like you’ve seen everything before. The new stories are here -- you just have to scan the whole page to make sure you see them. Another option is to bookmark this page, it should show you all the content in the correct chronological order.

Second, we have steadily increased our video production over the years and have taken it to an unprecedented level over the past nine months, and our plan is indeed to do even more (minus the autoplay, of course, if we have our way). However, we’re not sure it’s possible or prudent to do enough to keep the top of the page populated with our most recent stories.

Consequently, there may be days where we have a breaking story about a new verbal commit that sits just below the top tier of the page while, say, a days-old video from a football practice, sits up high. Please bear with us as we try to work around this hurdle.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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