New recruiting strategy by Mike Leach has official visits during season extremely limited

WASHINGTON STATE HAS WON three of its past four games but something has been missing for fans. No, not on offense. Defense? Special Teams? Not what we’re talking about. It's recruiting, the thing that makes Cougar football something fans can follow/cheer/shake a fist at the sky all year long. So what’s going on with Cougar recruiting? Any visitors this weekend?

We’ll address the last question first. 

Each week during the season we talk to lots of prep and junior college coaches. Some even have insight beyond their guys or guys in their area – they talk regularly with the WSU coaching staff.  For us, that’s gold: sometimes they’ll give us great scoop, which we pass onto you in the Luxury Suites and through subscriber articles.

So what’s the buzz for this weekend?

There are no known visitors coming in for the Homecoming tile against Oregon State.


It’s actually not a surprise in the sense we reported earlier the number of official visitors this year would be extremely limited due to  a major shift in recruiting strategy under Mike Leach. (For that article, CLICK HERE).

But we’ll still keep checking all the way through Friday night/Saturday morning:  it’s Homecoming, the Cougs face a beatable opponent in Oregon State and the weather should be pleasant.

But even in unlikely event that a recruit or two does trek to Pullman, it certainly won’t be a big recruiting weekend by any stretch, not based on what our sources are telling us combined with Mike Leach’s new backloaded recruiting strategy.

There’s still lots going on when it comes to WSU recruiting, it’s just not as visible as before.

Washington State coaches are no doubt during game weeks keeping up on the recruits in their area, messaging them through social media and asking recruits to place a call to them.  On Fridays, whether home or away, some coaches are heading out to prep games to watch prospects. 

But publicly, it’s been incredibly quiet.

Really quiet. 

WSU already has 15 known verbal commitments so they’re ahead of the game.

WSU recruiting will ramp up significantly around Dec. 1, when in-home visits are first allowed.

In the meantime, we’ll keep bringing you recruiting news as we uncover it.

CF.C’s Braulio Perez as I write this is currently making calls, scouring social media for clues and nuggets etc. for an article to be published soon. And we have a nugget to share on the 'Suites, should be there by the time you finish reading this.

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