Mike Leach critiques water vs. Gatorade baths

VINTAGE MIKE LEACH was on display Saturday at the media conference following his Washington State team's 52-31 home victory over Oregon State. Amid questions on the game came one about the win being the 100th of his career. And that led to an entertaining monologue about water and Gatorade.

Hitting the century mark isn't "everything it's cracked up to be cuz they'll dump water all over you and you have to change your shirt, and that water is colder than you think," Leach said, adding that "we'll start working on 101 there tomorrow."

In the idyllic crimson world, that would come next Saturday when the Cougars travel to Arizona for a 1 p.m. Pacific Time showdown with the Wildcats.

But back to the water.

Leach was asked a follow-up question about the relative merits of a water dumping versus a Gatorade dumping following a big win.

"... you're all sticky," he said of Gatorade baths. "And I'll tell you the other thing: that stuff doesn't wash off half as easy as you might think. You find sticky spots like three days later," he said.

"Typically the guys have been courteous enough to select water," he noted, though cautioning that one time a "big chunk" of ice, hidden in the depths, hit him square on the head.

LEACH ALSO WAS RATHER ENTERTAINING WHEN asked about Martin Stadium, where the Cougars have now won two in a row after a series of losses.

"Sometimes I think our players can get sidetracked in, I don't know, the love-fest nature of our stadium," he said. "Our focus needs to be out there on the field. But we have incredible fans and I really appreciate their participation making today what it was."

Every seat in Martin was sold Saturday and WSU began offering standing-room tickets on Friday.


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