WSU's facilities, Leach reiterates, are best in the Pac-12

TIME OF POSSESSION? Mike Leach doesn't give a rip about it. So what statistics does he care about, what are the first four stats Washington State's head man looks at after the game?

On Tuesday's Pac-12 conference call, Leach said the first four numbers he looks at in the postgame box score are: total yards, number of first downs, third-down conversions and number of plays.

Those numbers afford him the best view of how well WSU controlled the ball and the game, Leach said.

The game of college football, by the way, is just fine the way it is, said Leach. He's against calls to shorten it and college football's popularity proves it's what it should be, he said. He also said there are too many rules, noting college football's rule book is monstrously huge and decried the constant tinkering being done by the powers-that-be in the varying facets of the game.

Asked about the importance of facilities in recruiting, Leach wasn't shy in making two points: 1) it is a big part of the discussion with recruits and  2) WSU has the best facilities in the Pac-12.

"They (recruits) think you’re bragging until they come up here and see that it's a fact," said Leach. "The more that happens, the more it helps recruiting."

Leach's favorites are the weight room and the training table, because of how significantly they benefit the players and program. 

"We have a 15,000 square foot weight room just for football that overlooks (Martin) and the practice field... and the training table where all the other student-athletes show up so you can mix some with the other sports. We have two full time chefs and a full time nutritionist. The food is incredible," said Leach.

WSU has affected quite a turnaround from the upset loss to Portland State in Week One to their 4-2 mark at season's midpoint. How have they done it?

"We were a team of individuals.. that worked hard and did a lot of good things but hadn’t really meshed together because there were a lot of new faces, people that hadn't really worked together under fire," said Leach.  "We didn't play at all well that day, and they of course deserve some credit too. The biggest thing was we had to play some games together and... develop as a team."

Leach was asked about Luke Falk, who is No. 2 in passing in the nation at 395.2 ypg, and how he compares now to last year.  The head man of the Cougs simply said Falk has gotten more familiar with the players around him.

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