Cougfan TV: Mike Leach's Monday presser, full video

PULLMAN -- How important is the wide receiver blocking to Washington State's offense? Mike Leach talked about that, Stanford, Gabe Marks' play and more.

"It's really important -- we'll flat out not play people if they don't block," said  Leach of the wide receiver blocking.

He also touched on how the blocking looked against Arizona. 

"I think it was better than average, it wasn't great, it was better than average...probably not as good as against Oregon."

Leach talked about stats he doesn't care for much, plus ones he wished could be added to the official box score. One  he'd like to see: blitz stats, which the WSU head man acknowledged would be difficult to do.

"The biggest waste of time is time of possession, what's interesting to me is that was a national obsession for decades," said Leach. 

One stat he wants to change is where the sack yardage is deducted.

"I think that sacks should be counted against the quarterback and offensive linemen. In other words it shouldn't be in the rushing total."

Leach also offered his thoughts on College GameDay. The ESPN show announced Monday they wouldn't be coming to Pullman for this Saturday's tilt featuring WSU-Stanford.

"I'd like to see them," said Leach. "And of course our flag is in the background of College GameDay all the time so nobody's been a more loyal supporter of College GameDay than the Cougs."

However, don't expect Leach to use it as a motivator.

"Probably won't be on my list of things I run across them... Try not to have too may themes going. Our biggest thing's gonna be focus on ourselves and be the best team we can be and just continue to improve," he said.

Leach also discussed the players being sick of losing and that players feel the hard work is paying off.

"Well, the biggest thing is the hard work continues and all these games are going to be hard wars that will go down to the finish because of the nature of this conference. So we have to be willing to play and battle the entire game. There's no easy path."

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