What They're Saying: Helluva Game Edition

THE TWO WORDS that will be most remembered from the exhilarating battle Washington State and Stanford waged Saturday in Pullman are likely to be "wide right." But there was so much to chew on, from the missed fumble call to the progress of the Cougar defense, that it was nearly impossible to find an end line for this summary of the punditry.

“For much of a rainy Halloween night, the Washington State Cougars looked poised to take full command of their football fortunes for the first time in more than a decade. But the evening ended with a phrase that has haunted them since a bizarre game in this stadium last season. Wide right.”
— Dale Grummert, Lewiston Tribune

“The Cougar O stumbled and stalled throughout the entire first quarter. But despite an uneven start, the Cougs again proved they can compete with anyone in the Pac-12, including a top ten opponent. And it was a team effort, that was made crystal clear by a WSU defense flying all over the field leaving Hogan and headline-grabber McCaffrey befuddled, confused and frustrated in the first half.”
— Lew Wright, Cougfan.com

"All this moral victory stuff -- no-- we should have won and we didn't."
-- Mike Leach to Jason Gesser in post-game radio interview

“Saturday’s 30-28 loss to Stanford hurt so much because the Cougars have grown to the point where they are relevant and the stakes are higher … It meant that a huge opportunity for a program-altering win had slipped away, in the most heartbreaking fashion. Had the Cougars beaten eighth-ranked Stanford, it would have been their most meaningful victory in a decade, putting WSU back in the center of the college football map and coach Mike Leach right back into the mad-genius realm he occupied at Texas Tech.
— Larry Stone, Seattle Times

“The fumble call that could have changed two program's season seemed obvious to everybody but those who could influence the ruling.”
— Jacob Thorpe, The Spokesman Review

“Washington State kicker Erik Powell made his first five field goals Saturday night. The Cougars needed one more, though, and he didn't have it.”
— Nick Geranios, Associated Press

  “The Cougars missed out on a huge marquee opportunity to have a coming-out party to announce themselves as legitimate. But until they actually get over the hump, they’re still just another team that couldn’t get the job done.”
— Chantel Jennings, ESPN

“If you were looking for an offensive shootout in this one to start, then you were probably disappointed … This Stanford team, whose offense has been on a tear lately, looked about as sluggish as they’ve been this year since the Northwestern debacle in the opener.”
— Jack Jorgensen, Fansided

"Are you an idiot or something? I mean seriously. Next question."
-- Mike Leach when asked by a reporter about clock management and play calling that led to Stanford's winning field goal.

“Stanford escaped a wet and wild night in the Palouse with its division lead and College Football Playoff hopes intact.”
— Jon Wilner, San Jose Mercury News

“The Washington State Cougars are a very good football team. It's amazing to say that considering the first month of the season, but it's true: This team can hang with, and beat, anyone in the Pac-12.”
— Brian Floyd, CougCenter

“It was a gloomy bunch of Cougars who plodded off the field at Martin Stadium after Erik Powell’s potential game-winning field goal went wide right in the dying seconds of the game against Stanford Saturday night. This morning, as we digest the game, everyone, even Stanford coach David Shaw, concedes that the Cardinal got lucky with that victory.”
— Stephanie Loh, Seattle Times

  “Credit goes to the Cougars for giving everything they had against the Cardinal. It wasn't enough at the end, but head coach Mike Leach has his team going in the right direction.” — Brian Jones, Bleacher Report

“The harder you work, the harder it is to accept defeat. And so it must have been excruciating for Washington State, who did a lot of things right and especially in the first half, to fall 30-28 to No. 8 Stanford on Halloween night.”
— Cougfan.com


That’s a Stanford fumble!

You're not a true Coug if you blame Powell for this loss...he's the only reason  it came down to a kick at the end. Heartbroken...

My reaction to this @wsucougfb D is going to cause the neighbors to call the cops. #GoCougs

Night done. I Know it's heart wrenching in Pullman.. Cougs' fans share the "might've been" misery of the Owls, and then some.

Wazzu is winning with defense and special teams. Might never get to tweet that again.

Man. Washington State is a hell of a football team. Honestly. The best team Stanford has played all year. Much respect.

Sucks. To be ready to celebrate with my kids, then that. Shit, excuse my language but when do we get an effing break ...

Luke Falk can run a 4.9 40. #MikeLeachFacts

The situation: WSU 22, Stanford 10, 7:52 left in 3rd. The apocalypse (WSU = frontrunner in North) draws closer

Erik Powell misses from 44 -- after five FGs earlier -- and the Cougs fall 30-28. Pretty fair football game. Not Woodstock, though.

Gabe Marks is a product of his intensity and grit. That dude wants it more than every other person on the field.

Hey. They fought hard. So many people thought we were gonna get curb stomped. Hard loss but Cougs are still going bowling this year.

Being a college kicker is a rough job.

Apple Cup gonna burn the whole state down.

Just finished watching #WSUvsStan and for my money, Cougs outplayed them. Brutal ending but Pac12 North is alive and well.

I just set my clocks back an hour does that mean the Cougs get another chance to kick that field goal? #WSUvsSTANFORD #GoCougs

#WSU beats Arizona
#UW beats Arizona
Stanford beats UW.
Stanford beats WSU.
And…yet, Twitter folks are going nuts.
Apple Cup will be fun.

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