Mike Leach: Slaying dragons and killing disco

PULLMAN – Washington State's Mike Leach opened his press conference with remarks about the offensive line, and how the line has helped quarterback Luke Falk improve in his first full year of starting. Then he got into slaying dragons and taking a roundhouse swing at disco.

Mike Leach has lobbied for a 64-team football playoff in the past, and he continued to push the idea Monday when asked about the high number of bowl games in college football.

“The thing that's always amazed me is Division I college always is, "Well, how can this be? Nothing like that's ever been done before ... Except in the NFL, except in Div. I AA, except in Div. II, except in Div. III, except in major high schools in major states. It's never been done before except in all those places. Could they do it? Yeah... Anyway, that's somebody else's dragon to slay.”
Leach talked about allure of the Rose Bowl, but his focus wasn't just on the field.

“I’ve never played in the Rose Bowl… When I was in LA, I always wanted to go to the swap meet at the Rose Bowl.”
He also talked about the ratio of run-to-pass from Texas Tech to Washington State.

"Without forcing it, I’ve always kind of medium hoped it was about a third," said Leach

Distribution-wise, three running backs has been good for Leach this season.  However, with James Williams coming into the mix after redshirting this season, don’t expect a four-back rotation next year - that would be too much (around 16:00).
The final question (around 17:45) has been asked and answered before: Leach’s favorite bands or musicians. But after he offered up his list, he also explained why disco killed music, and he didn’t care about offending those who like disco,

“If you’re a disco person, your music is awful … And the damage that it’s done to music, we still haven’t fully recovered," said Leach.

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