Mike Leach on WSU recruiting after practice

PULLMAN – Mike Leach talked Cougar recruiting after practice on Tuesday, offering numbers and notes about the Washington State recruiting process.

Leach estimated the total number of prospects contacted by WSU each class was around 1,000 with perhaps 250 earning WSU offers. But Leach also said he wasn’t sure of the exact figures and that his recruiting coordinator, Dave Emerick, would have them.

CF.C talked to Emerick on that topic and others after Signing Day in February -- and Leach on Tuesday was pretty much spot on.

Emerick told CF.C the starting point was around 1,000 -- by spring ball the number was down to around 300. And then once the season begins, “it’s probably closer to 100 kids you’re actively recruiting… when it’s all said and done we probably end up offering close to 200-250 kids.”

Leach said the bulk of WSU offers go out to prospects in their junior year. Recruiting has gotten earlier and earlier but there’s a danger in going too young, he said.

“You don’t know how they’re going to develop. There (have) been guys that look like champions in the eighth grade and they don’t grow a bit -- all they do is shave,” quipped Leach.

WSU under Leach, as has been reported often on CF.C, utilizes a group recruiting approach.

“Usually the area guy finds ‘em, everybody watches film and then a combination of mailings - and (the) position coach and the area coach begin correspondence with them through social media and all the rest,” said Leach on how the process generally begins.

Leach said January is his biggest travel month when it comes to recruiting. For the assistants he said it’s the same, though he added that late April and May in the spring evaluation period is a big travel time for the assistant coaches too, as is December when the in-home visitation period typically opens up (this year in-home visitations can start on Nov. 29).

What’s changed the most in recruiting over his time in the coaching game?  How much more digital footage is digital footage of players is available on the internet.

“So you’re not constantly chasing around for film… it’s all on the net now… the search for film used to just take a ridiculous amount of time,” said Leach.

Asked why wide receiver Dom Williams has emerged to the extent he has this season, Leach said he is more precise and more assertive, in addition to being bigger and stronger.

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