WSU assistant sets record straight on Madison's alleged comment after UCLA game

COUGAR NATION HAD moved on to Colorado, but a Los Angeles Times article couldn’t help but bring matters back to UCLA. Bruin linebacker Dean Hollins was quoted saying WSU offensive tackle Cole Madison told him, "Oh yeah it was a rough night for me. I just couldn’t help but hold you all night." Total nonsense, a WSU assistant coach tells CF.C.

Neither Madison nor any Coug o-linemen said any such thing, the coach, who asked not to be identified, laughed when asked about Hollins’ alleged quote of Madison.

“I asked them (WSU's ol-line) about it -- Cole never said it,” said the coach  “None of our o-linemen said that to that UCLA player either... But they did laugh when I asked them about it.  A lot.”

UCLA head man Jim Mora in his Saturday night post game comments also alleged WSU got away with holding, saying UCLA opponents had scarcely been flagged for holding this season.

“We’re still trying to find that ever-elusive holding call on our opponents’ offense. We’ve played seven Pac-12 games now and our opponents have been called for three holding calls which is, in my history in football is unprecedented. And I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong, I’m just stating a fact,” said Mora.

That Mora could say the first part of that quote, followed by the second, and keep a straight face is impressive. But let’s look at this from a different angle.

Go back and watch the game on You’ll see multiple instances of UCLA o-linemen with big handfuls of WSU players’ jerseys, pulling said jerseys away from the WSU players’ bodies to the extent it boggles the mind how the officials didn’t see or call holding on UCLA on those plays. 

Add in the two blatant targeting non-calls by UCLA on Luke Falk and Kyrin Priester, and Mora’s chutzpah is more amazing still.  Priester in the fourth quarter was defenseless and kneeling on the ground. Long after the incompletion -- and with Priester kneeling so the play would have been dead even had he caught it -- two UCLA players blasted him, helmet-first. The first UCLA player made helmet-to-helmet contact on the kneeling Priester. Shaken up, the Coug WR had to leave the game.

But Mora doubled down Sunday in his complaints about the officiating going against the Bruins. This time he was saying UCLA opponents had been called for holding on only two pass plays this season, according to the LA Times, rather than the three he cited Saturday night. It’s unclear if Mora again offered diametrically opposed thoughts on the fairness of it all.

Pac-12 officiating has (again) been inconsistent this season. Holding non-calls have long frustrated fans of the Pac-12 and Washington State.  But the two targeting non-calls on UCLA were simply egregious. Those have to do with player safety, as hot button an issue as there is right now, and the Pac-12 needs to drop everything and get that right.  But as to the other “controversial” officials’ calls and non-calls from the WSU-UCLA game?

Maybe we should all take a cue from the Cougar starting hogmollies – LT Andre Dillard, LG Gunnar Eklund, C Riley Sorenson, RG Eduardo Middleton, RT Madison and first-OL-off-the-bench Jacob Seydel.  The non-calls on UCLA o-linemen for holding, the Bruin linebacker’s quotes, Mora’s complaining-but-I’m-not-complaining?

Maybe that's just humorous more than anything else.

-You can find the LA Times article from Tuesday night HERE.

For Mora’s postgame video,  CLICK HERE.

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