CFC TV: Leach won't discuss Falk's status

PULLMAN - Washington State head man Mike Leach talked about most everything from Saturday's win over Colorado -- except the condition of QB Luke Falk. He repeatedly answered to any question on Falk with, "Next question," and at one point threatened to walk out if any more questions on Falk were raised.

Leach did talk about the performance of backup QB Peyton Bender and running back Gerard Wicks' career night. He thought did a good job moving the ball and that it was probably Wicks' "best game" as a Cougar. He also gave props to the Cougar D-line saying the front "probably played better than they got credit for."

For the second week, the O-line had a new starter in center Sam Flor, and it was Andre Dillard's first career start. "Thought he looked good," Leach said of Flor. "As he got adjusted, he played steadier and more consistent." Leach said Dillard "played pretty well. ... Dillard's ability to get in there and adjust--really the last two games--I think's been quite impressive."

Leach also talked tempo, o-line depth and more -- just not the answer to the question on every Cougar alum's mind. For the full interview, check out the video above.

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