CFC TV: Leach doesn't regret flip ESPN remark

PULLMAN - Naturally, Mike Leach wouldn't talk about Luke Falk's injury, but he was asked if he wanted a do-over on the way he answered the question immediately after the game on the ESPN 2 broadcast.

Leach's answer is at around the 10:30 mark in the video above. The short answer: No.  And he didn't appreciate the reporter Monday asking if he would change his answer, either.  Big time.  Asked about Falk on Saturday, Leach said; “Healthy as can be. Rested him the second half.”

Leach was also asked why he doesn't talk about injuries.  He gave a 6-part response around the 12:20 mark.

The short week (Apple Cup, Friday, 12:30 p.m., Fox) doesn't make things difficult in terms of preparation, Leach said -- it's just a change in scheduling, 

Leach revealed his plans on publicly naming his starting quarterback "27 seconds before the game." Leach did turn serious later and said if Peyton Bender lines up under center in place of Falk, not much would change in terms of the playbook or game plan. 

When asked to compare Bender and Falk, Leach mentioned far more similarities than differences. He talked about both being competitive and, like the players earlier, said both are calm guys, but in different ways. "Peyton's calm and pretty much kind of attack mode. Luke's calm, but kind of analytical," said Leach.

Leach acknowledged rivalry games are more keenly felt by players and fans.  When asked if the Apple Cup means anything extra special to him, Leach said all games count the same in the standings.

"I think all the games are meaningful, so we need to just to go play the best we can and just worry about improving another week and being the best team we can be out there," said Leach.

As for his players this week, it's situation normal when it comes to coaching 'em.

"You just keep them focused and on track as far as their jobs, their technique and things," said Leach.

-When asked about his goals for team academics, Leach indicated he'd like said a 2.9-3.0 GPA would lead the country in football. He said when his Texas Tech teams led the nation, they were around a 2.9 GPA.

-Leach talked about the depth of the o-line and how big a factor that has been this season.

-Leach said his favorite rivalry growing up was Packers vs.Bears.

-Leach also discussed the foundation differences atTexas Tech and Washington State, saying WSU was depleted when he got to Pullman.

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