CFC TV: WSU's Alex Grinch has faced Petersen before

PULLMAN - Washington State defensive coordinator Alex Grinch has faced UW's Chris Peterson before, back when Petersen was the head man at Boise State.

In a lengthy interview that went more than seven minutes, Grinch was asked about UW quarterback freshman Jake Browning, and Grinch talked about his days at Wyoming and facing off against another Petersen-coached QB; Kellen Moore.  Browning is a different player than he was in Week One and the Huskies play a tough brand of offensive football, Grinch said.

He also talked about ensuring this practice week that the Cougar D plays to its strengths against UW offense's shifts, motions and WR machinations, and was asked about trying to stop trick plays Peterson runs from time to time.

Grinch looked uncomfortable when asked about the chatter (from an ESPN writer and elsewhere) that he should be up for an assistant coach of the year award: "Well, one, I doubt I will be. The guys are playing hard, and if we can play hard one more game, we'll have a chance to be successful at the end of the day," he said. Grinch looked even more uncomfortable when asked by a reporter if he felt in over his head this season as a first-time defensive coordinator after the loss to Portland State. The short answer: No.

Grinch talked about wanting to have safety/nickel Isaac Dotson out on the field as one of his "best 11 guys," the process of climbing the coaching ladder to become a DC at Washington State and what the Apple Cup means to a coach from Ohio who until this season, has spent his coaching career outside the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

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