CFC TV: Leach's Falk comment clear as mud

SEATTLE -- It's hard to know what to make of Mike Leach’s post game comment on quarterback Luke Falk after Washington State's loss in the Apple Cup. But we have the video -- you can make up your own mind.

“Luke chose not to play today and we chose for that to be the case,” said a perturbed Leach after the Cougs lost 45-10 in a game Falk spent on the sidelines in street clothes.

Did Leach mean Falk passed the concussion protocol tests but chose not to play, and the coaches supported his decision?

Or was this simply a new twist on Leach’s mantra on injured players; ‘He’s doing great and we couldn’t be happier with him,' which comes with the always implied,  ‘And screw you media, for even asking about it.'

After watching the video below, do you take Leach's quote at face value?  Do you instead think this is Leach's way of saying Falk didn't play and the details surrounding that are none of your damned business? Weigh in HERE and for CF.C members, HERE

Leach was more definitive when asked to assess the primary problems with how the Cougars played.

“Most of our problems go back to coaching,” said Leach. “And I think it starts with me and all of us coaches – need to find a way to coach them better. We didn’t have them prepared to play.”

The wide receivers are going to be busy when the Cougs next practice.

“We had more drops today than we have in four practices, so yeah, we’re going to catch a lot of balls this next week. As a matter of fact we’re going to catch more balls than I know I can count to and probably most of you can. I can promise you that,” said Leach.

Here’s the full video:


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