What They're Saying: Apple Turnover Edition

THERE WAS NO shortage of commentary from the media, Twitterverse and participants after Washington State's loss in the Apple Cup.

"Wearing sweats and a red Washington State stocking cap, Luke Falk roamed the sideline, offered encouragement, ducked into sideline huddles." For once, though, there was virtually nothing he could contribute to the Cougars' performance.
--Dale Grummert, Lewiston Tribune

"Is Washington 35 points better than No. 20 Washington State? Probably not, but when things get out of control as they did Friday in the Cougars' 45-10 Apple Cup loss, the momentum is almost impossible to corral."
--Ari Liljenwall, Cougfan.com

"The last three times Washington State has been ranked coming into the Apple Cup, the Huskies have come away as the victors."
--The Associated Press

“For whatever reason, our guys played wide-eyed. We’ve clearly beaten teams that are considerably better than Washington this year.”
--Mike Leach

"Losing to a rival never feels good. Especially when your rival becomes bowl eligible at your expense. But an eight-win season is nothing to shake a stick at -- especially for a program that had just three wins last year and opened this season with a loss to an FCS team."
--Kevin Gemmell, ESPN

"Peyton Bender’s first drive as Washington State’s starting quarterback began better than anyone might have expected — he completed 6 of 7 passes for 54 yards before Dom Williams dropped a pass on third down and the Cougars kicked a 41-yard field goal to give WSU a 3-0 lead over the Huskies. But that turned out to be the high point of the redshirt freshman’s Apple Cup performance because things devolved from there ..."
--Stefanie Loh, The Seattle Times

"As bad as this game went for WSU, this season is a different story altogether when looked at on the whole. Redemption and completion remain opportunity yet to be realized. But Cougar Nation will get the chance to see their team win one more time in the 2015-16 season.
--Lew Wright, Cougfan.com

“Very disappointing. Washington came out ready to play, they wanted it more than we did.”
--WSU linebacker Jeremiah Allison

"The magnitude of, and the ineptitude present in the 45-10 loss to Washington, however, were group efforts. The gulf between the potential the Cougars have hinted at throughout a largely successful season and the mewling kitten on display in Friday’s loss was as vast as the Husky Stadium overhangs."
--Jacob Thorpe, The Spokesman Review

"As a former Coug player, I saw a sense of quitting or doubt once we got behind by three touchdowns. That is inexcusable. We are Cougars, we never stop fighting as hard we can until the last tick is off the clock ..."
--Ricky Turner, WSU QB 1980-83

"Asked over and over to explain the unexpected malfunction of his 20th-ranked Washington State University football team Saturday, coach Mike Leach raised his hand. And he started counting off the offensive miscues, one by one, on his fingers.'We dropped balls,' Leach led off with. 'We missed open guys,' he added. 'We fumbled,' he continued on. 'We missed blocks,' he concluded."
--Todd Milles, Tacoma News Tribune

"Washington State came into Saturday’s Apple Cup without prolific quarterback Luke Falk because of injury. They’ve now exited it without Falk’s top target because of the same issue."
--John Taylor, NBC Sports

"Did Mike Leach inadvertently recycle the Portland State game plan for Black Friday’s date with rival Washington? How does a team that did so much right this season have such a special touch when getting it all wrong? And how many bowl reps were speed-dialing Oregon, Utah and UCLA in the fourth quarter?"
--John Blanchette, The Spokesman-Review

From the Twitter-verse:

If importance to team is the measure, Luke Falk's Heisman chances are skyrocketing today @COUGFANcom

If Luke Falk is healthy next year the week before the Apple Cup, maybe just sit him.

Well, we lost. Thought we'd win, even with Bender. Was wrong. Wasn't just Bender. Run defense too. Oh well. Still glad to be a Coug

Huskies are born. Cougars are made. #GoCougs

Ok all you superstitious people, do some things differently for the second half

Bender has a -8363772 rating for pocket awareness @pclaus11

Gabe is now injured and it looked baaaaaad. Can they just call the game? I'm not opposed to calling it over

WSU wasn't ready to play Friday. UW was.

Honestly, UW deserves the win. They actually showed up for the game, unlike us.

I'm not gonna lie. This is a giant black eye on an 8 win season.

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