Moos: Falk has Sun Bowl practice green light

PULLMAN - Washington State Athletic Director Bill Moos, asked about the availability of Luke Falk, Gabe Marks and Joe Dahl Sunday after it was announced WSU will play in the Sun Bowl vs. Miami, said that he respects Mike Leach's non-disclosure policy when it comes to injuries. But he did then provide some insight on Falk.

Moos said the bowls he talked to this this week (a list that would presumably include at least the Holiday,  Alamo, Foster Farms and Sun) were very interested in the return timetable of Falk.

"It's my understanding that we're a green light with Luke, and that barring any last minute problems, he'll be practicing when we resume practices shortly," said Moos.

WSU defensive coordinator Alex Grinch tweeted out earlier the Cougs will hold their first bowl practice on Tuesday.

Moos said that a bowl further out than the Sun Bowl (Dec. 26) would have allowed more players to get healed up. "I’m not going to say we’ll have our full arsenal, but maybe we could," Moos said. In addition to QB Falk, WR Marks and LT Dahl, that list includes starting Y receiver River Cracraft, who has missed the last three games.

Here are some of the other highlights:

--Moos was asked about the Leach factor for the Alamo Bowl, and he said that all three Tier I bowls, the Holiday, Sun and Alamo, were interested in WSU because of Leach.  "Mike is a national name, he's a lot of fun, he's quotable." Moos also said that Leach is sort of like a "folk hero" in Texas.

--Moos said that when he fired Leach four years ago, Moos thought to himself and told members of his staff, "Can you imagine if in the first years if we were fortunate enough to go to the Sun Bowl (and) how crazy that whole state of Texas, and primarily West Texas, would be? And here we are four years later, on our way," said Moos.

-- Moos was asked about other bowl possibilities coming into Sunday and said he was in "serious talks" with the Holiday Bowl and "early on" with the Alamo Bowl. He said during the week, he thought the Alamo was "probably out of reach" but right up to the end he said he thought the Cougs "had a shot" at the Holiday.

-- Moos said WSU's ticket allotment is 6,000 tickets for the Sun Bowl.

-- Moos said the Sun Bowl is a great bowl game and cited its "rich tradition...It's a tremendous reward for our players, and also for our fans." He also said it's "tremendous" exposure for the university, and the extra bowl practices are huge for the betterment of a program, likening it to another spring session. He used the example that a fifth-year senior who goes to a bowl game every year essentially has an extra year of practice to get better because of the extra bowl preparations and the bowl game. The majority of the early practices are expected to  focus primarily on the youth.

-- Moos said "I realize (the bowl) being played the day after Christmas certainly presents some challenges," but he's hoping the Cougs can still be well represented. He mentioned the Mike Leach effect with the West Texas area could be substantial.

-- Moos said the 'No Bowl ticket list' is no more, and that the "file has pretty much been burned." (Moos two years ago saidhe had a "no-bowl tickets" file on fans who had sent him over the top criticism). Moos said WSU expects to be in this position (bowl eligible) year in, and year out.

-- Moos mentioned the Alumni Association would help interested fans with their travel plans. Tickets for the 2015 Sun Bowl can be ordered HERE. Phone orders at 1-800-GO-COUGS start Monday at 9 a.m.

-- Moos opened his press conference saying the team is excited about playing Miami. He talked about going to the Sun Bowl when he was with Oregon and joked that former Cougar coach Mike Price and his wife might  "be our tour guides."

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