Leach talks Falk status, Sun Bowl scheduling

PULLMAN - Washington State's Mike Leach has made it clear he doesn't talk about injuries. But in speaking with the media and Sun Bowl representatives about the Cougars' bowl game on December 26th, Leach gave an update on quarterback Luke Falk; "He's fine. Yeah, he's fine. He'd play, if we played today."

-- Leach said that some WSU assistants coaches would be out recruiting during the first week of practices that begin Tuesday, and that the coaches in town would lead practices in "sort of a smaller group." The team will have to combine some stuff, Leach said, but that they'll "still get good work in."

-- Leach was asked about going back to Texas and what it'll be like: "A lot of great people in Texas. Really the Texas Tech fans and faithful were fantastic like the Coug fans are. Now, Texas Tech hasn't paid me for 2009, which is the last season I worked so, certainly administratively I think they've made some suspect decisions in the past." Leach said he wants to reconnect with Texas and bring a WSU team that "he's real proud of" to Texas and "bring the two worlds together."

-- On the subject of Mexico, Leach said when Texas Tech played UTEP at the Sun Bowl he and the team were more focused on preparing for the game than hopping across the border in the days before the bowl. The Sun Bowl reps joked that El Paso is "a driver, and a 9-iron from Mexico" and that they could get Leach to Mexico if he really wanted to go.

-- Leach was asked about how playing the bowl game on Dec. 26 is better than an earlier game like on Dec. 19, such as two years ago when WSU played in the New Mexico Bowl. Leach mentioned the biggest reason is because the "preparation week" would be obstructed on a Dec. 19 game due to WSU's finals week, but he doesn't have to worry about that with the Sun Bowl.  Leach said it would have been "a logistical nightmare" if the Cougars played in a bowl game Dec. 19 (such as the Las Vegas Bowl is this year). Also, Leach says the Sun Bowl’s date allows the team a little extra time to work with players and he's "looking forward to that."

-- Leach also said he doesn't know a lot about the Miami Hurricanes just yet.  As he's said all season, the Cougs just need to worry about themselves and executing to the best of their ability.

-- Some Sun Bowl reps talked about former WSU coach Mike Price being among those excited about the Cougars coming to El Paso, and that Leach would be the "second Mike" with the Cougars to come to the Sun Bowl, and Leach said that the team's excited to come play in it. They also said that Leach's reputation precedes him, and the Hurricanes are excited to play the Cougs.

-- The Sun Bowl reps also told Leach that there are a lot of Texas Tech and Cougar fans, in the El Paso area, that will come out to fill the stands, and Leach said, "That's exciting."

-- Leach said he’s familiar with the Sun Bowl, having been there as an assistant and head coach.

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