Report: WSU assistant coach salaries

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR Alex Grinch is the highest paid of the Washington State assistant coaches, according to a USA Today report. Here’s the rundown.

Grinch’s base salary is $425,000 with an additional $103,125 maximum bonus pay.

Joe Salave’a, WSU’s defensive line coach and associate head coach, has a base salary of $325,000 with $40,625 in maximum bonuses.

Inside receivers coach Dave Yost is the third-highest paid among WSU assistant coaches, with a base salary of $243,000. He has $30,188 in available bonuses and $1,500 in other compensation.

O-line coach Clay McGuire has a $236,500 base salary, $29,563 in potential bonus pay and $1,500 in other compensation.

WSU outside linebackers coach Roy Manning also has a 236,500 base salary, with $29,562 in possible bonuses.

Running backs coach Jim Mastro’s base salary is $226,500, with $28,313 in potential bonuses.

Linebackers coach Ken Wilson’s compensation is the same as Mastro: base salary of $226,500, with $28,313 in possible bonus pay.

Outside receivers coach Graham Harrell’s base pay is $211,500 with $26,438 possible in bonuses.

Special teams coach Eric Mele’s base salary is $191,500 with $23,938 in potential bonuses.

WSU’s assistant coach pay according to USA Today is $2.32 million, last in the Pac-12.  But it’s not an apples to apple proposition -- the cost of living differential in Pullman to other Pac-12 cities is strikingly different.

According to, the cost of living is 48 percent more expensive in Los Angeles than in Pullman, with housing 119 percent more expensive in LA than Pullman.  (A salary of $50,000 in Pullman would need to increase to $74,000 to be comparable in LA). Total assistant coach staff pay from USA Today:
UCLA – $3.97 million
Oregon – $3.67 million
UW – $3.3 million
ASU – $3.17 million
Arizona – $3.03 million
Colorado – $2.74 million
Utah – $2.65 million
Oregon State – $2.64 million
Cal – $2.5 million
WSU – $2.32 million
Stanford was not included, you can see the full listings HERE.

Mike Leach ranks No. 38 amongst FBS head coaches and sixth in the Pac-12 according to USA Today with a $2.75 million base salary and $625,000 in possible bonuses.  Leach has already earned at least $100,000 in bonuses this year ($75,000 for getting the Cougs into a bowl game, $25,000 for being named co-Pac-12 Coach of the Year).

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