Old Coug Husain Abdullah a true face of Islam

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS starting safety Husain Abdullah, a one-time Washington State mainstay with a huge heart and greater spirit, is the focus of a Kansas City Star column this weekend aimed at combatting "the ignorance and fear-mongering among Americans regarding Muslims.”

As Muslims are being stereotyped, the newspaper notes, Abdullah is an example of the actual teachings of the religion.

Abdullah, like his older brother Hamza, who also played for the Cougars and in the NFL, is a devout Muslim -- so devout that he left the NFL for a season to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca in the prime of his career at age 27 and he observes the fasting demands of Ramadan even during training camp.

He recently co-signed a statement of conscience written by Hamza that, among other things, noted that Muslims believe in patience and humility and aim to do good deeds at all times. "We as Muslims must stand up for justice and stand up for true Islam,” the statement said.

The column begins with a tale about a chance meeting between Abdullah and the dean of an Episcopal church that illustrates the common ground between the religions. CLICK HERE to read the full column.

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