Jason Gesser puts DC hat on, stirs the pot

COUGREAT QUARTERBACK Jason Gesser on the radio Monday put his defensive coordinator hat on in looking ahead to Miami, Washington State’s opponent in the Sun Bowl. He had some interesting things to say about Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya and Miami's potential mindset for the Dec. 26 bowl game.

Jason Gesser wasn't in studio for Cougar Calls with Bill Moos, and Moos was also absent as well, down in El Paso. But Gesser called in and in a short time, covered a lot of ground.

"They have a really good running back, really fast receiver corps. (Kaaya) has a very live arm but is inaccurate. He can make some really big throws down the middle of the field and on the outside. But he is not as accurate as you want in a (QB)," said Gesser.

Gesser said he went to a WSU practice this past week and liked what he saw on the Cougar defensive line.

"They were doing inside run drill and Destiny Vaeao was getting after it," said Gesser.  "He was just going crazy… Hercules Mata’afa… was going nuts. It was good to see the energy so many weeks out from the bowl game… I think (WSU DC Alex) Grinch will have these guys dialed in and have a really nice game plan moving forward."

Gesser also offered more thoughts on the Miami QB.

"One thing I’ve noticed with their sophomore quarterback is he gets very inaccurate at times, especially when he’s pressured, and he second guesses himself. I know Grinch will probably see the same thing, have some good blitz packages put in there for him to kinda confuse him, have him throw the ball away very quickly," said Gesser.

Gesser thought the most likely Sun Bowl scenario would be for a hard-fought game coming down to the wire. But he could also see a different outcome.

"I heard (last week) Miami’s tickets sales were right around 100," said Gesser. "...My question is are they even going to be wanting to play in this game… I’m interested to see if these guys are wanting to step up the plate and play.

"If the Cougs can start off hot and really kinda push them and put them down a score or two scores early in that game, will they just be like, you know, we don’t want to be here in the first place and just completely quit. Or is it going to be a knockdown, drag-out blow-for-blow, two talented teams going after it. I think it’s going to be the latter."

Gesser said he had Grinch over to his house recently.

"You give Grinch three weeks to prepare for somebody, and he’s going to put up a very nice game plan… I’m looking to see how he’s going to match up with the guys on the outside, what he’s done with his secondary to give those corners help because of the (Miami WRs) explosiveness. Also, what kind of blitz packages he bring up," said Gesser.

Gesser said the Pac-12 teams Miami reminds him of most, because of their team speed, are UCLA and USC.

"They have a great amount of team speed… I’m very interested to see how the Cougs are going to match up... Defensively they run to the ball very, very well," said Gesser.

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