Justus Rogers tells CF.C he's already on campus, has work to do on Madden skills

NEW COUGAR JUSTUS ROGERS is already on campus, ahead of Monday's first day of classes for the spring semester at Washington State. Rogers (6-2, 210) tells CF.C he can hold his own in video games, but he met his match Thursday afternoon when he went up against another WSU early enrollee.

“Me and Jalen, I just played him in Madden in the (CUB) -- I’m not very good at Madden and he was beating me at halftime,” laughed Rogers.

Rogers tells CF.C he arrived on Tuesday to WSU, is from Bellevue while Thompson is from Downey, Calif.  So it wasn’t surprising who chose who in Madden.

“We had to leave at halftime, but I was the Seahawks and he was the 49ers --  he was beating me pretty badly at halftime,” said Rogers.

Rogers said his winter workouts will start sometime next week, probably on Wednesday.

“I’m enrolling for classes tomorrow morning and then we’ll have the weekend to get settled in before classes start Monday. We’ll slowly get acclimated to college football workouts so all the incoming spring guys will, I think, be with one of the strength and conditioning guys (initially) and then we’ll get thrown in later with the rest of the team,” said Rogers.

Rogers’ desire to play quarterback in the Pac-12 has been well documented. Although recruiting analysts believe his best position at the Power 5 level to be at safety or possibly linebacker, Rogers intends to hit the ground running at QB this January and on into spring drills (usually beginning at WSU the last week of March). 

“I know I’m coming in as an underdog, definitely, because I’m an early freshman and I’m not the prototype… quarterback Washington State is used to having,” said Rogers.  “Out of all people, I know I have to work as hard as I can to make sure I prove myself as a quarterback… It’s going to be hard work, but it’s going to be fun.”

Graduating early from Bellevue High allows him the earliest of head starts.

“First and foremost is being able to participate in spring ball at WSU -- I’m getting a head start in both school, the area and with the (football program)," said Rogers. "I’m coming in as a quarterback so I’ll be doing everything with the quarterbacks.

"And it’s going to be fun to learn the offense, definitely. I just know I’ve got to stay focused and work hard, on and off the field, in the classroom as well."

In addition to Rogers and Thompson, two other early enrollees at WSU are expected to begin classes Monday: WR Isaiah Johnson and JUCO DE Garrett McBroom.

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