Brutal honesty: CF.C conversation w/ new WSU football assistant Dave Nichol

WHETHER IT’S out on the recruiting trail starting next week, or in February’s Midnight Maneuvers or spring ball this March at Washington State, recruits and WSU wideouts should expect one thing in particular from new outside receivers coach Dave Nichol -- brutal honesty. In an illuminating conversation with Nichol, here’s what CF.C learned about WSU’s new assistant.

It doesn't matter whether it's recruits or players, Nichol won’t be telling them what (some of them) might want to hear.  Instead, expect the unvarnished truth.

“I’m pretty brutally honest -- as a coach and as a recruiter,” Nichol told CF.C.  “I’ve found that works, too. They appreciate that.”

Nichol’s path to Washington State began with Dave Emerick, football chief of staff for Mike Leach. The first call about WSU’s outside receiver coach position, vacated when Graham Harrell left to become the OC at North Texas, came from Emerick.

“It was initially that with me and Dave, because we’re really close,” said Nichol. 

Emerick (2010-11) and Nichol (2007-11) were at Arizona  together (Joe Salave'a was too in ’11).   But Nichol and Emerick’s relationship goes back much further than that.  Nichol was in Dallas when he spoke with CF.C but when he’s in Pullman between now and Signing Day, Nichol will stay with his good friend. Indeed, he’s already spent a few nights in Pullman with the Emericks.

“I’ve been staying with Dave Emerick, we were roommates together when we were both back at Texas Tech in our younger days -- I don’t know if his wife and his 3-year old daughter are that fired up about it,” quipped Nichol. “And I worked with Big Joe Salave’a at Arizona too so I think there are a couple guys I think I can (stay) with, which is nice.”

Final living arrangements in Pullman can wait until after Feb. 3, Nichol said. Moving and getting settled shouldn’t take long, but he’s focused on other things for the next three weeks-plus, namely recruiting.

“I probably won’t do that until after Signing Day,” said Nichol of house hunting. “I’m single, no kids, I just have a little apartment in Greenville, North Carolina where I was, at East Carolina. I don’t think it will take too long to do all that and get situated, but I’ll just probably do it after Signing Day.”

We’ll have much more from our conversation with Nichol soon on CF.C.

-- Nichol served as East Carolina’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach this past season. He spent the previous three years at East Carolina as outside receivers coach. At Arizona, Nichols was the outside receivers coach for three seasons before adding the inside receivers job as well in 2011. He spent his first season at Arizona as a graduate assistant before being promoted to a full time assistant coach.

-- Nichol, 39, will be Leach's "eye in the sky" in the press box, as Harrell was this past season. Nichol spent three seasons under Leach early in his coaching career (2003-05) assisting with the offensive line.  He was a wide receiver at Tech during his playing days, graduating in 1999 before Leach took over the Tech job in 2000.

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